Indian Web Series List

Indian Web Series List

For years and even decades, Bollywood films have been viral in the world. The film and television industry does not stand still, and in India, they have learned to make good serials, including trivial soap operas and serious, thoughtful web serials. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about the Indian web series list.

Everyone will find something to their liking. If you think of getting to know Indian dramas, our selection will show you where to start. If you have been sitting on them for a long time and tightly – you are welcome in the comments to share your favorite TV series!

Best Indian web series list

Female share

This is perhaps the most beloved TV show in the Indian web series list (it is not for nothing that it has been shown to this day since 2014. The story tells about Sarla and her two daughters – Pragya and Bulbul. Their small family lives off the rent of a wedding pavilion called “Women’s Share.” Sarla finds a rich groom for Pragya – a rock musician, Indian star Abhi. But the trouble is, young spouses do not get along at all. This series is real proof that there is one step from hatred to love.

Life of Mehek

Mehek is a simple middle-class girl with a special talent for cooking, which her mother inherited. She died with her father in an accident when Mehek was still a child. Sharia is an arrogant and unprincipled celebrity chef, founder, and host of the show “The Best Chef of India,” By coincidence, Mehek is invited to take part. In the course of the development of the plot.

My Sweet Wanderer / Lovely Love

This is the story of Pooja’s girl and Naren’s boyfriend. She is modern, educated, self-sufficient, engaged in karate, and dreams of opening her own dance school. He follows the path of asceticism, subjects his body and spirit to a terrible test, and dreams of becoming a hermit. But his family has completely different plans for him: Naren’s father owns a large company and wants his son to take his place as CEO one day. But how to convince Naren to return to the real world from the spiritual? This is where Puja should help him.

Test case: Indian Web Series List

This web series, consisting of only 10 episodes, tells the story of the difficult journey of Shikha Sharma – a girl who, as part of an experiment, is to become the first woman in the Indian web series list special forces. She will have to face discrimination, betrayal and not only on the way to her maroon beret.

Landing completed

The aircraft’s crew captain, Karan Sachdev, is a former military pilot who has post-traumatic stress disorder. Unable to deal with flashbacks, he decides to commit suicide right during the flight. But things are not going as planned, and all passengers on the Mumbai-Sydney flight are in danger. Will they be able to survive?

One Villain, One Queen: Indian Web Series List

Rani is a young college student who goes out daily to expose herself to fear, trial, and even danger. After all, she is being pursued by 27-year-old Rivaj, who dreams of making Rani his own. He is a real stalker who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. How will Rani deal with this?

Royal son

Vedant is a successful gynecologist who inherited his grandfather’s clinic. However, he is only a foster child in this family, and his father never misses an opportunity to remind him of this. His grandmother’s friend asks him to help arrange the wedding of his eccentric granddaughter, Purva. But bad luck – the groom runs away right on the wedding day. As a noble boy, Vedant marries Purva but learns that she is already pregnant by another. What will the main character do: will he accept the child as his own, or will he abandon his newly-made wife?

Your streets: Indian Web Series List

The boy Shantanu and the girl Puchku spent their childhood together in a dysfunctional area among brothels and fallen women. But they still managed to grow up to be respectable people. The villainess of fate divided them in childhood. And so, many years later, they meet again. Will they recognize each other, and will the old feelings flare-up in their hearts?

Enchanted Heart

Happy is a naive, smiling, and slightly awkward girl who lost her dad as a child. Her mother raised her and her sister, and they live in her uncle’s house. Rocky is a rebel and a riot, to whom the law is not written. How could fate bring together two so different people?

The ideal husband: Indian Web Series List

A young girl from Rajasthan, Vidita, managed to get a decent education despite the average family income. She is friends with Mrs. Rathod, a self-sufficient woman who has managed to raise her son alone. However, because his mother indulged him in everything, Pushkar grew up somewhat spoiled. Perhaps Vidita’s love will help him change?

Forbidden love

This series is a kind of adaptation of Shespear’s “Romeo and Juliet” in Indian web series list style. The Twinkle and Yuvraj families are at enmity with each other. But young people are ready to fight for their love. Unfortunately, Twinkle’s mom arranges for her to marry Kunj. But it turns out that Kunj himself is in love with another and is not eager to marry Twinkle. The newly minted bride and groom agree to do their best to upset the wedding. Will their plan succeed?

Caliber: Indian Web Series List

Mira is an unusual girl. She does not know how to cook European dishes, does not know how to serve tea in English, and most importantly, she is engaged in kabaddi – wrestling. Not a woman’s set at all, is it? Yes, the world does not shine to find a rich husband from high society. But her life changes dramatically when Vivan, a London dandy and the owner of the house where Mira’s family lives, comes to India.

Kesari Nandan

Hanumant Singh is a hereditary wrestler and champion of India. Having won the highest title, he wants to leave professional sports and pass on the legacy to his son, Jagat. But his dreams are shattered when Jagat’s legs fail in an accident. Hanumantha’s last hope is the unborn child carried in the womb by his wife, Madhavi. What a surprise it will be for Hanumant when Madhavi does not have a son. But a daughter who will be destined to prove that women are no worse than men and are also capable of something!

Queen Jhansi: Courageous and Warlike

This historical series is based on true events and tells about Lakshmi Bai – India’s heroine, a symbol of opposition to English rule. Born Manikarnika, at the age of 14, she married the maharajah of the Jhansi principality – Gangadhar Rao, who was much older than his newly-made wife.

With the appearance of you. Vedika is 18 years older than Sahil. She is a widow and has a daughter. But you can’t command your heart, can you? But how will the guy’s family accept his new lover?

Fate by horoscope: Indian Web Series List

This series is a spin-off to “The Woman’s Lot.” The main characters, Prieta and Srishti, are the lost sisters of Pragya and Bulbul, who, after the death of their father, go to Mumbai to meet their mother. There they meet Rishab and Karan Lutra, the offspring of a wealthy family. Rishab immediately falls in love with Preetah, but Karan hates her and considers her a hunter for rich suitors.

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Royal son-in-law

Roshni’s mother dreams of marrying her exclusively to a rich guy, but her daughter desperately resists this. Because she believes that all rich people are narcissistic and dishonest moneybags. That is why when Sid falls in love with Roshni, he pretends to be poor to win her heart. Although, in fact, he has an impressive fortune. What will Roshni do when he finds out that Sid lied to her?

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Beloved son-in-law

Favorite Son-in-Law is a beautiful Indian TV series about the conventions of Indian society. The series Favorite Son-in-Law is one of the best Indian TV series. He will show the love story of two young people. Siddharth is a very successful hotel chain owner. Once he meets Roshni’s girl and falls in love with her. But there is a problem: his beloved, although she is a rather rich girl, does not like the rich and the elite. The reason for this is her mother, Durga Devi Patel. In her youth, Durga had to fight her way out of poverty on her own. And from that time of hardship, she contemptuously refers to the poor.

Siddharth and Roshni start dating, but how can a girl admit it. That you are actually rich when she hates the rich?  And will the young man be able to reconcile mother and daughter, despite all the contradictions between them? Watch the series Favorite Son-in-Law and enjoy the unforgettable Indian flavor and incredible intrigues of passionate Indians.

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Sultan Razia

The Indian TV series Sultan Razia is a historical saga about the first girl who entered the Delhi Sultanate’s throne. Sultan Razia is the first female ruler of medieval India. Sultan Iltutmish had many sons, but he handed over the rule to his daughter: a brilliantly knowledgeable military man and a well-educated girl. The Sultan’s decision to transfer the throne to a woman caused outrage. But the girl was able to become the greatest ruler in the history of Delhi.

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One of the most popular Indian TV series Buddha was directed by Dharmesh Shah. The series tells about Buddha Shakyamuni, a prince named Siddhartha Gautama. The prince was the son of a ruler who was predicted an unusual fate immediately after birth. For 30 years, he did not allow him to leave the royal borders. When Siddhartha Gautama left the palace for the first time, he faced the monstrous cruelty in which India’s people live. At this moment, a drastic change occurred in him. He decided to become a hermit and study philosophy to find his destiny. The series Buddha is the life story of a great spiritual teacher before he became a Buddha.

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Jodha and Akbar

Jodha and Akbar’s A Great Love Story is a historical series about events in the 16th century. Political calculation led to the alliance between Emperor Akbar and Princess Jodha. This marriage was decided in advance, but no one knew what a great feeling these young people would have. As soon as Akbar becomes the ruler, he will have to win a real princess’s heart. Jodha and Akbar entered into a marriage of convenience. But the kindness and sincerity of the main characters allowed them to transcend the conventions of society. Jodha Akbar can be advised not only for fans of the Indian web series list & cinema but also for fans of the melodrama genre.

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Consent 2012 is an Indian TV series about brothers in love with one girl. Young Zoya lived most of her life in New York. At home in her native India, they are trying to marry her without her consent. She later meets two brothers. Ayan and Assad are the exact opposite of each other. The pragmatic Muslim Assad and the frivolous Hindu Ayan rarely communicate due to the conflict in the family. But they remain faithful to each other. However, they soon find out that the stranger is not as alien to them as they thought initially.

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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love is an Indian TV series about love and hate. A young girl, Twinkle, is madly in love with her handsome boyfriend, Yuvraj. But their mothers have been at enmity since time immemorial, and the heroes cannot reveal their feelings. Moreover, in fact, Yuvraj is pretending to take revenge on the family of the enemy of his mother. But over time, the young man realizes that he really loves the heroine. In the meantime, the girl’s family selects a “good match” for her – a wealthy man named Kunj Sarna. Lovers find themselves in a difficult position. They cannot reveal their forbidden love. But Twinkle is also not ready to go against the will of his mother.


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