Frequently Asked Questions About India Travel, Trip and Tourism


India is one of the largest countries in the world. It attracts a good number of foreign tourists. However, the number of domestic tourists are also high and most of them have many questions which are frequently asked by many people. It’s a home of more than 125 crore people. India is also widely known for its great hospitality and amazing places. In recent years, tourists visa process is became easy and anyone could travel to India without any visa problems.

India Tourism FAQ
India Tourism FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About India Travel, Trip and Tourism

1. Are Foreigners Allowed to Get Married in India?
2. How to Apply for Tourist Visa of India?
3. Which is the Best Time to Visit India?
4. Should I Give Money to Beggers in India?
5. Which Are the Most Popular Food Dishes in India?
6. Which Are the Best Travel Tips for Foreigners in India?
7. Is It Good To Travel by Train In India?
8. Which Are the Best Shopping Destinations in India?
9. Which Are the Best National Parks in India?
10. Is It Okay to Visit India During Elections?
11. I Want to Visit Royal Palaces in India, What to Do?
12. Is India Really A Safe Travel Destination?
13. Is it Okay to Visit India Alone If You Are Foreign Woman?
14. Which Are the Best States in India for Foreign Tourists?
15. Which Are the Best Reasons to Visit India?
16. Which Are the Best Places in India Which Everyone Should Visit Before Their Die?
17. Which Are the Best Royal Palaces in India Where Tourists Are Allowed?
18. When is the Best Time to Visit India?
19. What is the Best India Travel Guide?
20. Is It a Good Idea to Visit India During General Elections?
21. Is Okay To Visit Indian State During Assembly Elections?
22. Are Indian People Friendly Towards Foreign Tourists?
23. Is India A Budget Friendly Travel Destination?

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Article last re-published on June 18, 2018.