How to unlock the unexpressed potential of any brand

potential of any brand

The diverse universe of social media allows all companies to express their creativity to the full, giving them the opportunity to tell their story in ever different and extremely innovative ways. For the past fifteen or sixteen years, that is, since companies first appeared on social media, these platforms have evolved continuously, without ever stopping, allowing brands to develop new engagement strategies and new content to entertain their audiences, in the hope that sooner or later – through whatever action they take, including through social media -, they will turn into a mass of buying and loyal customers. 

At the time of writing, practically every company on the face of the earth – regardless of its size – has a virtual space in which to publish its news, updates on its business activities, notices of discounts or promotions currently in progress, and all those particular pieces of content (particularly suited to social media) that creatively tell the story of the brand, focusing above all on the impact of people on the company’s everyday life. 

Companies’ favourite social media are definitely the traditional ones, such as Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter, which allow their users to publish standard content about products, company history or any other topic that can strengthen the brand’s communication strategies, especially from a storytelling point of view. 

Social media for all 

We live in a very particular era in which even the bakery down the street, the small café on the street corner or the hairdresser in the neighbourhood have one or more social media accounts, opened and maintained with the sole purpose of increasing their visibility (even if only locally) and reaching new customers, choosing them from the thousands of people who spend even one or two hours each day attached to their favourite social media, often without knowing exactly why. 

The challenge for all of them is to create relevant content that captures people’s attention and holds their gaze for a few moments on the message or content shared via social media. 

Lesser-known platforms 

The need to create original, interesting and ever-changing content has, for some years now, prompted many companies to explore lesserk-known social media, or those that had hitherto been completely ignored, such as TikTok, Tumblr or Twitch. 

The news that some important politicians had decided to land on TikTok, amidst users who in some cases might have been the age of their grandchildren, initially caused a stir, especially for age reasons, but was subsequently internalised without a problem by most people. 

Brands should never let themselves be hindered by a fear of exploring new online spaces, new virtual realities, new social media. Some brands do not dare to go beyond their corporate pages on Facebook or Instagram, in the belief that they cannot publish truly relevant content on social media other than traditional ones. 

This is a really big mistake, because in this way companies are voluntarily giving up large audience segments (especially among young people) and the opportunity to strengthen their online reputation and social presence, even through highly impactful content. Why not take a cue from General Electric, which a few years ago decided to open a profile on Snapchat and engage its audience with highly entertaining and affordable scientific content? 

Every industry is able to adapt to the language and particular structure of social media, all that is needed is a little creativity and a healthy desire to dare, to go beyond one’s limits. It is a decisive step in winning the trust of customers, even those other than your regular stakeholders, who should always be nurtured with interesting, useful and possibly even entertaining content, thus providing them with a truly unforgettable online experience. 

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One should never be satisfied, especially when trying to gain the trust of one’s customers. These people should be entertained continuously, without interruption, with unique and ever-changing content that leaves them speechless.  

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