How to protect a barrel chair from wear and tear

In classic American homes, so-called barrel-shaped chairs are especially popular. They can be used as seating at the kitchen table, thereby creating a bar-like atmosphere. They can be with or without a backrest. However, like any other home furniture this interior element begins to deteriorate. To preserve the external attractiveness of the chairs you can use covers. In fact, this is a protective fabric that will minimize the risks of dust and dirt, as well as prevent children and pets from scratching the surface. Barrel chair slipcovers are easy to get today. There are three options to choose from:

  1. Seek help from stores that manufacture slipcovers. There are a huge number of them in the United States, and therefore you can find the appropriate company in almost every major city. Mamma Mia Covers is just one such brand. The store has been producing protective fabrics of the highest quality for years, including those for barrel chairs, as well as for living room chairs. The covers here are made from microfiber and are available in ten different color variations. The cost of such a cover is relatively low when it comes to overall quality.
  2. Order a protective fabric to order. Also, there are many specialists who are engaged in the production of covers under the individual order of the homeowner. You can find them on the Internet. The advantage of this option is that you can choose any pattern, fabric and color. Most likely, the performer will not refuse and will perform everything to the highest standard. At the same time, such orders are more expensive, since the fabrication of the cover is approached individually, taking into account all requests from the customer. (Zolpidem)
  3. Make it yourself. While there are many instructions on how to make covers for armchairs and sofas in the public domain, with chairs in the form of a barrel, things are more complicated. This is due to the large handles and not an ideal geometric shape. Therefore, to approach even the measurements will be quite difficult. In order not to spend a lot of money on fabric and end up making a bad cover, it is advisable to use an old pillowcase first. As a result, you will be able to gain skills and understand all the nuances of creating a cover for this kind of furniture.

To choose the best option should be approached responsibly. A person must clearly understand what he plans to get as a result. If in a short period of time it is planned to buy a new barrel chair, then the best option seems to be a handmade cover. It is with the help of a protective fabric, made with his own hands, a person will be able to save money, as the approximate costs will not exceed 20-30 USD.

Is it worth buying such furniture today

Of course, a barrel chair is quite specific home furniture, because not every interior will suit it. If you decide to make repairs in the aristocratic style and you have a fireplace, then such a chair can be placed next to it. Together with a quality cover, you will look very spectacular, sitting in the evening with a book and a cup of coffee.

In turn, such an armchair will not look out of place if placed in a house with modern renovation. Despite its high price and visual appeal, it will look unnatural. On the other hand, even in such circumstances, you can try to solve this problem by buying a cover with a beautiful print. Then, perhaps, few people will pay attention to the fact that chairs in the form of a barrel are more often used in somewhat different interior solutions.


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