How to Meet WWE Superstars in India Personally [Best Tips]


WWE is one of the most popular professional wrestling in India. WWE has millions of fans in India. WWE is stands for World Wrestling Entertainment which is a incorporated company founded in 1979 in Massachusetts, United States. Vince McMahon is the current owner of the company. There are thousands of people who want to meet WWE superstars in India personally and face to face. The Undertaker, The Great Khali, Shawn Michael, Triple H, The Rock, and other have good number of fan following in India.

The Great Khali
The Great Khali

How to Meet WWE Superstars in India Personally [Best Tips]

1. Request An Appointment Through The Mail

Most of WWE superstars are accessible through the mail. Most of them have appointed celebrity management agent or celebrity management agency who handle the various works of the particular celebrity. You should write a letter to the particular WWE superstar before a few months ago to get this appointment to meet him/her in India. You would able to find the particular celebrity / WWE superstar address by searching “<celebrity name> office address” OR “<celebrity name> home address”.

2. Contact WWE Wrestler Manager

Most of these WWE wrestler have their own assistant or manager or personal secretary. You should contact him/her to help you to meet WWE superstar in India. It is one of the best ways to meet your favorite superstar in India. However, a few times, it is difficult to find personal contact number of WWE wrestler or superstar. You should contact the hotel management where they stays.

3. Contact Local Organizer in India

Most of these WWE superstars in India have contract with the local organizer too. So, you should contact local organizer to help you to meet your favorite WWE superstar in India personally and face to face.

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Article first published on May 7, 2016.