How to Meet Tiger Shroff Personally and Face to Face

How to Meet Tiger Shroff Personally and Face to Face

Tiger Shroff is a famous Indian film actor and the son of veteran actor Jackie Shroff and producer Ayesha Dutt. His debut movie was Heropanti, in the year 2014. This handsome hunk is known for his hot body, insane martial art skills and mesmerizing dance moves.  Since his introduction, Tiger has garnered himself a large fan base (mostly girls), thus making him one of the most popular actors in Bollywood. There are many people who would like to meet Tiger Shroff in person and for all those people, read on to know how to do this:

#How to Meet Tiger Shroff Personally and Face to Face

#1 Send him a letter

Tiger Shroff is very humble and he loves to meet with his fans, especially face to face. He loves to make his fans feel special by meeting them with good gestures. His busy schedule of shooting movies rarely gives him the opportunity to meet all his fans personally but he does read fan mails. So, write a good letter that impresses Tiger and compels him to agree for a face to face meeting. Make sure to add at least a couple of reasons in the letter, as to why you want a personal meeting with him. You will have to send your letter to the below address:

Tiger Shroff
1302 Le Pepeyon,
Mount Mary Road, Bandra,
Mumbai – 400050

#2 Go the Shooting location

A movie is shot in various locations, both nationally and internationally. So, educate yourself about Tiger’s movies shooting schedule and its locations, this task will be made easier, if you have friends in media. You will have to wait outside for a long time but if there is a break, then there is a great chance that Tiger might come out to meet his fans. So, keep your fingers crossed and give it a try.

#3 Movie promotion

Tiger goes to various events around the country to promote his upcoming movies. So, you just need to acquire a pass to such an event and there is a great chance that your wish to meet Tiger personally will be fulfilled.

#4 Use social media

Social Media is a great medium of connecting people around the world and it also is a great way for a celebrity to interact with his/her followers. All you need to do is write a good message and request Tiger for a personal meeting, maybe your lucky stars will smile at you and he will grant your request.

  • His twitter handle: @iTIGERSHROFF
  • Facebook page:

Hope you succeed in your endeavour to meet Tiger Shroff personally!

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