How to Meet The President of India In Person

How to Meet The President of India In PersonThe President of India is the head of the Republic of India and the first citizen of the country. The President is also the Supreme Leader of India. The President has many formal powers such as legislature, judiciary, and executive. The President is also the Supreme Commander and the Chief of all three wings of the armed forces of India.

In this article, we have provided best guide on how to meet the President of India in person, face to face / personally. So, let’s see!

#1 4 Easy Ways to Meet The President of India (Rashtrapati)

#1 Request An Appointment Through The Mail

The President of India is one of the busiest persons in India. So, it would be difficult for him/her excellency to provide his time to everyone for just meeting without any reason. Thus, you should prepare yourself for any valid reason to meet him. Prepare a good letter stating reason why you want to meet him personally. After letter is written, send it to the following address.

His Excellency The President of India
Rashtrapati Bhavan
New Delhi – 110 001

#2 Contact Any Media Person

Rashtrapati Bhavan often organize press conferences for press briefing and a few times, the President himself address the nation. So, it is the best way to meet approach him after press conference get completed. However, it is less popular way to meet the President as security guards would not allow you to do so.

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#3 Contact Union Minister Near You

It is one of the best ways to meet Rashtrapati aka the President of India. It is also one of the most successful ways to meet his excellency. You just need to request an Union Minister near you about your dream to meet the President of India. There are many ways to convince the Union Minister near you.

#4 Contact Any Member of Parliament (MP)

It is always a better way to contact your Member of Parliament and request him to help you to fulfill your dream. Most of the Member of Parliament have access much part of the Presidential Bhavan. So, he/she can easily arrange a small meeting with the President for you through the officials of the Bhavan.

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