How to Meet Nirmal Baba Personally and Face to Face

Nirmal Baba

Nirmal Baba was born to Nirmaljeet Singh Narula in Samana, Punjab, India. Nirmal Baba is a well-known Indian spiritual leader and a motivational speaker. He is famous for his public discourses and he has several followers in India as well as around the world. His show Nirmal Darbar was broadcasted by approximately 40 different channels including SAB TV, TV Asia, AXN and many more. Nirmal Baba has helped many people in resolving their problems but some of his advices to his followers have garnered him a lot of controversy. If you want to know how you can meet Nirmal baba personally and face to face, then read on

How to Meet Nirmal Baba
Nirmal Baba

How to Meet Nirmal Baba Personally and Face to Face

1. Request an appointment through letter

This is a very successful and one of the best methods of getting a personal meeting with Nirmal Baba. All you will have to do is write a simple letter, which explains your problem and also tells the reason as to why you need a personal meeting with him. Your letter must be precise and straight forward, if necessary you must also attach the necessary documents like kundli, birth chart, etc. You must send your letter to Nirmal Baba’s office and its address is

211 Chiranjiv Towers 43
Nehru Place,
New Delhi – 110019

2. Meet During Samagam Program

Samagam is the name given to Nirmal Baba’s program and it is quite popular among his followers in India and all over the world. All you need to do is buy a ticket for the Samagam program and try to meet him before the event; it will be helpful if you can avail the services of the event organizers.

You can get to know more about when and where the Samagam programmes are organized by visiting It is always best, if you book your pass in advance because these tickets get sold out like hot cakes.

3. Use Social Media

You can use social media to get a personal and face to face meeting with Nirmal Baba. Nirmal Darbar holds its own Facebook page and twitter page. So, if you write a message on this social media platform, then there is a great chance that you might garner a personal meeting. Remember that the page is not directly read by Nirmal Baba.

URL of Fb page:
Twitter handle: @Nirmalbabaji

We hope that these ways help you in getting a meeting with Nirmal Baba in person!

Article Title: How to Meet Nirmal Baba Personally and Face to Face
Article last re-published on May 21, 2018.

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