How to Meet Manish Malhotra Personally and Face to Face

Manish Malhotra
Manish Malhotra

A very successful and highly proclaimed fashion designer, Manish Malhotra continues to set his trend with every movie and fashion show done by him. Manish has a huge fan following of artists, commoners, and aspiring fashion models as well as designers. Our article will provide you tips on how to meet Manish Malhotra personally.

Many actresses got their makeovers through Manish who took them to a new level of beauty and fame. He is an awardee of various prestigious awards such as, IIFA, Vijay Award, and has earned a huge respect in his respective field.

How to Meet Manish Malhotra
Manish Malhotra

How to Meet Manish Malhotra Personally in 4 Ways:

1. Fashion Shows:

One of the best platforms to meet Manish Malhotra for your work related queries from the same subject is by attending his fashion shows. The press covers good details about his weekly fashion festivals that are held at various locations. Try to connect with a journalist and accompany with him.

2. Written letter/email:

If you have his email id then a professionally written letter about seeking an appointment to see him may work. Another alternative is a well-written letter posted on his office or home address. Keep your letter short, clear, and precise. Fans continue to write lengthy letters and it becomes difficult for the artists to go through each of them.

3. Social media groups:

There are many fashion groups and e-magazines that you can join and make contacts with people who are from the modeling background. Exchange of words may lead you to some people who can help you connect with Manish Malhotra. We don’t assure if this will lead you to the right contacts or people as you know how social media works but, you can at least try!

4. Magazines:

There are many official magazines that write about Manish Malhotra’s work. They also post pictures of models who have promoted his brand. Every picture has a photographer’s courtesy mentioned on the bottom of the corner. Make note of these people and connect with them. These photographers may be related to Manish Malhotra directly or indirectly. Build good contacts to get more information about Manish.

As the universal law suggests, do not lose hopes and keep trying. You never know when and how things will click in your destiny that you will be standing in front of Manish Malhotra.

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Article Title: How to Meet Manish Malhotra Personally and Face to Face
Article last re-published on May 21, 2018.

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