How to Meet Kareena Kapoor [Best Tips and Guide]

How to Meet Kareena Kapoor

How to Meet Kareena Kapoor : Kareena Kapoor is one of the most popular Bollywood actresses in India. She is wife of popular Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan. Kareena has a large number of fan following around the world. She acted in many Bollywood hit movies such as Jab We Met, Bodyguard, 3 Idiots, Golmaal, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and many others. A large number of fans want to meet her once in their lifetime. To help them, we have provided best tips on how to meet Kareena Kapoor.

How to Meet Kareena Kapoor


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#1 How to Meet Kareena Kapoor [Best Tips and Guide]

#1 Meet Her At Shooting Location

Most of Bollywood stars are accessible at the shooting location and hence it is the best way to meet Kareena Kapoor. You should find out the current location of her movie and try to convince the local organizer of the shooting venue. You should have good contacts to meet her at the movie shooting venue. Alternatively, many times, stars do not live at the film shooting location. Most of them stays in luxury hotel after completion of film shooting for the day. (sballergy) So, it is also one of the best ways to meet Kareena Kapoor.

#2 Wait Outside Her Home

Kareena Kapoor is living in Mumbai, Maharashtra and it is one of the most popular ways to meet her. You should wait outside at her home in Mumbai and you should try to meet her by approaching her staff the first. You should also co-operate with her bodyguards otherwise you would be in trouble.

#3 Request An Appointment

It is one of the easiest ways to approach Kareena Kapoor, or Bebo. You should write a letter, explaining why you want to meet Kareena Kapoor personally and face to face? If possible, try to include any documents which may support your cause.

#4 Contact Saif Ali Khan

It is better to contact Saif Ali Khan first to meet Kareena Kapoor.! Just Kidding!

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