How to Meet Deepika Padukone Personally [Best Tips]

How to Meet Deepika Padukone Personally

How to Meet Deepika Padukone Personally : Deepika Padukone is a popular Bollywood actress in India. She is the daughter of popular badminton player Prakash Padukone. Deepika is one of the highest paid Bollywood actresses in India. She given many hit movies till date. She started her career in Bollywood in the movie Om Shanti Om in 2007 with Shah Rukh Khan. It was a hit movie and collected good money at the box office.

In this article, we have provided best tips on how to meet Deepika Padukone. So, let’s see!

How to Meet Deepika Padukone Personally

#1 4 Best Ways to Meet Deepika Padukone

#1 Request for A Small Meeting Through The Mail

It is one of the best ways to meet her. Deepika is a well known actress and receives good number of letters each day on regular basis. Still, it is a good thing to write her and ask for a scheduled meet at any place where she could. Deepika Padukone address is given below.

Deepika Padukone
B Wing, Cozihom,
Pali Hill,
Bandra West,
Mumbai, Maharashtra

#2 Wait Outside Her Home

She is living in two cities, Bangalore and Mumbai. She is basically from Bangalore, Karnataka. However, she lives in Mumbai, the most of times. You should try to meet her at both houses. However, you should co-operate with security guards at her home otherwise it is against someone’s privacy. Be polite and gentle when requesting a small meeting with any celebrity at their home.

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#3 Meet At Badminton Academy

Deepika Padukone loves badminton and her father Prakash Padukone was one of the well known badminton players in India. A few times, she visits the badminton academy as part of loves for badminton. It is also one of the best ways to meet Deepika Padukone personally and face to face.

#4 Meet At Film Shooting Location

It is one of the best ways to meet Deepika Padukone. You should try to meet her at venue of film shooting. She visits several cities in India for her movie shootings. Just be polite and try to convince the staff members of the venue to helps you to meet her.

So, best of luck!

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