How to Meet Dalai Lama Personally and Face to Face [Best Guide]

How to Meet Dalai Lama Personally and Face to Face

How to Meet Dalai Lama Personally and Face to Face [Best Guide] : The Dalai Lama is one of the most respected religious leaders in the world. He is living in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India since 1958. He is widely known for the campaign against wars. He was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work. He has millions of fans following in each and every country around the world. A large number of people / fans always wanted to meet him personally, and face to face either at Dharmshala or at New Delhi in India.

So, let’s see and read our tips on how to meet Dalai Lama personally and face to face.

How to Meet Dalai Lama Personally and Face to Face

#1 5 Amazing and Best Ways to Meet Dalai Lama In Person and Face to Face

#1 Request An Appointment Through The Mail

His office always response letters received by the fans of the Dalai Lama. So, you should write a letter and express your desire to meet the his holiness at any place, such as Dharamshala, New Delhi, or whatever place your feel comfortable for you. The address of Dalai Lama is given below.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama
The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Thekchen Choeling
P.O. McLeod Ganj
Himachal Pradesh (H.P.) 176219

Telephone: +91-1892-221343, +91-1892-221879
Fax: +91-1892-221813

#2 Meet His Holiness At Public Event / Program

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His Holiness Dalai Lama participate in many events and programs throughout the world as the Chief Guest. However, he enjoys the highest level of security in host country. So, it may be difficult for anyone to go near to the Dalai Lama. However, you should just raise your hand and try to grab the attention of his holiness. So, it is one of the best ways to meet Dalai Lama in person and face to face.

#3 Meet in Private Audience Program At Dharamshala, India

The Dalai Lama always eager to meet the common people around the world. As per the information available on his holiness website, they organize private audiences events three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You should send your desire to the office of the his holiness Dalai Lama through the mail, an email or telephone. It is one of the best ways to meet Dalai Lama personally.

#4 Contact Media Person

If the Dalai Lama is visiting your city, then you should contact any media person and request him/her that you are looking for an opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama in person. It is also the best way to meet the his holiness in good manner.

#5 Invite For Your Event / Program

His Holiness Dalai Lama always participates in peace related events worldwide. HH is also interested to increase the peaceful environment throughout the world. So, you can invite his holiness at your event and if his schedule permits him, then he will definitely come at your event.

#2 How hard is it to meet the Dalai Lama

No! It’s not a difficult task to meet the Dalai Lama personally. However, you should have strong desire and the God will help you to meet him once in your life.

#1 How much does it cost to meet the Dalai Lama

No! You does not require to spend anything to meet Dalai Lama. However, you should have to pay your own accommodation charges, hotel charges, transportation charges and so on.

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  1. Sir, it’s Ranjan.. I’m from Delhi.. And I’m a Student along with a Social-Worker for Innocent Animals.. Sir a big Follower of Lord Dalai lama . It’s My Vacation time.. I came alone from Delhi To Dharamshala.. Only in the hope to meet and Take some Lessons of his Holly Ness.. I came yesterday also but.. It was closed… I will be in Dharamsala for next 10 days.. Sir.. Between this period please allow me one of the day to have Some Soulful time with Lord dalai lama.. I’m just 18 years of old…thanks.. Will be wait for for your reply.

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