How to Meet Chief Minister of Odisha Personally and Face to Face

Odisha Assembly
Odisha Assembly

The Chief Minister of Odisha is the person who has the power and responsibilities of Odisha state Government. The Chief Minister is not only the leader of his/her political party, but also the leader of the state government. The Chief Minister has to administrate the state government by following the schedule set by his/her party. Chief Minister is responsible for the development of the state and has to look after the activities of the government departments.

Every day, the Chief Minister has a number of work and appointments. The Chief Minister has various matters to handle. The Chief Minister is usually busy in his/her schedule. However, a special time is always allotted by the CM in which the common people of the government can meet him.

How to Meet Chief Minister of Odisha
Odisha Assembly

During this time, anyone can meet the CM of the state by following the right procedure.

Procedure For Meeting The CM

How to Meet Chief Minister of Odisha? There is a legal procedure that a person should follow for meeting the Chief Minister of Odisha. The common steps are given below,

1. Post your appointment letter to CM Office

First of all, one must have a proper appointment to meet the Chief Minister of Odisha. For this, those who want to meet the Chief Minister must have to write an appointment letter. They have to post this letter to the office address of the Chief Minister.

Note that, you have to clearly mention why you or your group wants to meet the Chief Minister. This is because, the appointment will be provided as per the importance of the reason. If your reason is a valid one, then you will definitely get an appointment. The official address of Odisha Chief Minister’s Office is,

The Chief Minister of Odisha,
Office of the Chief Minister,
Grievance Cell,
Qrs No VIII-DS- I, Unit-V,
Pin- 751001

2. Send e-mail to CM Office

This is an alternate method for posting the appointment letter. One can also quote their appointment letter in the form of the email also. You can create an email with the reason for meeting the Chief Minister of Odisha and send this email to the official email address of CM Office.

3. Get appointment for personal interview

How to meet Chief Minister of Odisha Personally? The personal interview is a good option to meet CM. Get an appointment for taking an interview with the Chief Minister personally. This would provide the opportunity for meeting the Chief Minister of Odisha personally. But for this, the person should have the appropriate qualifications and must belong to a valid organization.

4. Meet at Political Rallies

This is probably the best solution to the question, How to Meet Chief Minister of Odisha Face to Face. Chief Minister takes part in the political rallies conducted by the party. Those who want to meet the Chief Minister face to face can attend such political rallies. Know when and where the political rally is conducted and take part in the rally and meet the Chief Minister.

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Article Title: How to Meet Chief Minister of Odisha Personally and Face to Face
Article last re-published on May 20, 2018.

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