How to Meet Aditya Roy Kapoor Personally and Face to Face

How to Meet Aditya Roy Kapoor Personally

How to Meet Aditya Roy Kapoor Personally : Aditya Roy Kapoor is a popular Bollywood actor, who lives in Mumbai, India. He is a very well known actor due to his popular roles in Action Replayy (2010), Guzaarish (2010), London Dreams (2009), and Aashiqui 2. He is one of the most popular Bollywood actors in India right now. He has created a large number of fans in India and around the world. A few of them want to meet Aditya Roy Kapoor face to face and personally.

How to Meet Aditya Roy Kapoor Personally

#1 How to Meet Aditya Roy Kapoor Personally

#1 Film Shooting Location

Aditya Roy Kapoor is a very nice actor and likes to meet his fans during free time at the venue of film shooting. However, a prior permission should be taken to avoid any problems. Try to contact any local influential person who may help you to get prior permission to meet Aditya Roy Kapoor during his free time at film shooting location.

#2 Request An Appointment

Aditya Roy Kapoor loves to meet his fans in any part of the world. However, to get his attention, you should try to write a simple letter to him at his home address. The address of Aditya Roy Kapoor is given below.

Aditya Roy Kapoor
Bollywood Actor
Carter Road

We do not have his exact apartment name and flat number.

#3 Charity Event and Program

It is also one of the ways to meet your favourite Bollywood stars in Mumbai. You just need to contact the organizer of the charity event / program and ask them to help you to meet your favourite actor Aditya Roy Kapoor.

So, best of luck and do not forget to share your experience with us. We will be more than happy to publish it on this article.

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