How to Get Voice Chat on Roblox?

How to Get Voice Chat on Roblox?
How to Get Voice Chat on Roblox?

The purpose of this article is to provide you with information on how to enable voice chat in Roblox and communicate with your friends while playing games. Make seamless voice communication a reality by following these simple steps.

What is Roblox?

The Roblox platform is an online gaming platform in which players can create and play games together, as well as interact with each other. While playing games, players can communicate with each other using voice chat, which is one of the key features of the platform. 

What is Voice Chat?

Using voice chat, players can communicate with one another by speaking instead of using text or other communication methods. 

This communication method is commonly used in online games and virtual communities, allowing players to interact with one another in real-time while playing a game or participating in a virtual environment. 

An individual participating in a voice chat typically uses a microphone or another audio input device and may use software such as Ventrilo or TeamSpeak to facilitate the process.

Requirements to Use Voice Chat on Roblox

Voice chat is not yet available to everyone (and might not be, even in the future). Before continuing, please ensure that all the following criteria have been met:

1. Roblox requires you to be at least 13 years old

It is important for Roblox to set appropriate content restrictions. In order to prevent misuse of voice chat, it is currently locked behind an age restriction. Therefore, to use voice chat, you must be 13 or older. For more information on how to verify your Roblox age, see our dedicated guide.

2. Verified Phone number and Email address

verify phone roblox  

We recommend verifying your phone number and email address even though it isn’t entirely necessary to use voice chat. Click on the Cog -> Settings on your desktop to access your account settings. You will see the Add/ Verify buttons next to the Phone Number and Email Address under Account Info. Follow the instructions onscreen to complete the process.

3. Having a working microphone

To be able to use the voice chat feature on Roblox, you will need a working microphone. This can either be a headset microphone or your system’s built-in microphone. Make sure that you have one before proceeding.

How to Get Voice Chat on Roblox?

If you would like to have a voice chat on Roblox, there are several steps to follow:

Step 1: Enable Voice Chat in Your Roblox 

The voice chat feature should now be available on Roblox if you have met all the above requirements. 

If it is not available, you can wait a few months to see if the feature becomes available later on. Therefore, let’s take a look at how to check and enable voice chat in Roblox.

  1. If you are logged into Roblox on your PC, click the “Cog” in the upper right corner and then click “Settings” from the dropdown menu that appears. Upon clicking the Account Info link, you will be directed to the Account Information page.
  2. The next step is to navigate to the “Privacy” section on the left sidebar.
  3. You can enable voice chat by turning on the toggle next to “Enable Voice Chat” in the Beta Features section of Privacy settings. You will now be presented with a pop-up box where you can confirm your selection.
  4. During this process, you will be asked to consent to Roblox collecting your voice recordings for analytics purposes. Please take the time to read all the options and then click the “Enable” button.
  5. As soon as your Roblox account is enabled for voice chat, you will be able to converse with others. It is possible to verify this by looking for the green toggle or by testing it out in a game.

Step 2: Start a Game and Use Voice Chat

You are now ready to begin using Roblox’s voice chat after enabling voice chat and setting up your microphone. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. To check whether your chosen game supports voice chat, you can simply go to its Roblox listing. If you scroll down, you will find a label under Voice Enabled that states Yes or No.
  2. The Yellow “Beta” button that appears at the top left of the game when you open it is another telltale indicator that Roblox games support voice chat. If this button appears, it indicates that the Roblox experience you are using supports both text chat and voice chat.
  3. A small pop-up will appear when you click the “Beta” button, advising you that your audio will be recorded. It is, however, important to ensure that your microphone is connected to your computer to be able to use the voice chat feature.
  4. When you have completed the process, select the microphone from the “Input devices” tab within the game’s settings. When you have completed the process, you can easily activate or deactivate the voice-in feature by clicking on the microphone bubble that appears while you are playing.


1. What do I need to start using voice chat in Roblox?

You must have a Roblox account and a working microphone. Your account must also be configured for voice chat and your microphone settings should be checked.

2. Can I use voice chat without a Roblox account?

You will need a Roblox account to enable and use the voice chat feature.

3. Does Roblox voice chat work on every game?

You can communicate with other Roblox players using your microphone in-game by using Roblox Voice Chat. While this feature may not be available in all Roblox games (developers must choose to enable it), it will work on any approved server once your age has been verified.


While playing games on Roblox, you can communicate with your friends using voice chat. Getting started requires you to enable voice chat in your Roblox account, check your microphone settings, and begin playing. 

As long as you follow these simple steps, you will be able to enjoy seamless voice communication while you play your favorite Roblox games.

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