How to Get Started With Your Outreach-Based Link Building Campaign

Outreach-Based Link Building Campaign

How to Get Started With Your Outreach-Based Link Building Campaign. Link building campaigns remain one of the most useful SEO strategies. Websites with more links tend to rank higher in search engines. There have been definitive studies in this regard. After analyzing the factors contributing to the top ranking in search engines, results showed that backlinks matter. When there are more links connected to the website, it becomes more popular and ranks higher. It also shows authority regarding the subject. When Google sees it as an authority and reliable content, it will be higher on the ranking. The best SEO agencies San Francisco understand how backlinks work and how important they are on SEO efforts. 

While backlinks aren’t the only factors affecting the ranking, it could spell the difference among the most competitive websites. There are quality websites with great content that stay on page 2 or 3 even if they seem to have better content. The reason is that they don’t have too many backlinks. Google’s algorithms view the other options as an authority regarding the subject. Hence, an excellent backlinking strategy would be necessary. 

Write content for guest blogs

Guest blogging is a terrific strategy. It’s one of the proven methods that work until now. Writing blogs help create authority. It shows that the business knows a lot about the topics. These blogs also have thousands, if not, millions of followers. Writing a blog on these sites increases the chances of having more people see the content. Blogs also have specific categories and themes. Those who visit the page are probably the same group of people who will consider buying the products and services offered by the business. Of course, the content should be of top quality. Readers need a reason to click the links embedded on the blog and visit the page.

Mention popular influencers on the post

The goal of writing online content is for many people to read it. Hence, it’s crucial to mention the names of the influencers in the field. There’s a good chance that the influencer will share the post and have millions more who can read about it. In a way, these influencers also become endorsers. They won’t hesitate to share the post since it also makes them look good. They solidify their status as an influencer due to the mentions made across platforms.

Spot broken links in popular sites

This is an old tactic that still works. Broken links are generally bad. Google penalized websites with broken links. No one wants to get redirected to a page without anything useful in it. Therefore, it helps to scan different websites for a potentially broken link. Once spotted, inform the web admin about it. Then, slip the idea that there’s a ready-to-publish content that can replace that link with. The link to the primary site will then get embedded on the broken link replacement. In doing so, the popular site received help, and it can also receive the company through the backlinks. This strategy depends mostly on luck since several websites are cautious of not having broken links. Also, it depends on the website owner to accept the new suggested content. 

Use infographics

Infographics are just as popular as memes. The reason is that they’re easier to read and absorb. Everything is on the infographics. Most people aren’t patient enough to read articles containing 1,000-2,000 words. If the short infographics can summarize the details and prevent people from wasting time, they’re an excellent alternative. They’re also easier to share across social media platforms. At the end of the page, the main link gets embedded or credited. According to studies, even authority websites like to mention infographics made by other people as a source. Therefore, the popularity keeps on building. 

Use social media pages

Social media is a popular tool for advertising. Businesses rely on social media to be more visible online. People use these platforms for a myriad of reasons, including education and entertainment. Therefore, link building through social media is an excellent strategy. It increases visibility and also allows engagement. The links can be present on the shared content, comments section, and mentions by different users. When more people see these links, there’s a greater chance that they visit the website. Google also rewards websites with backlinks from social media pages. 

Create a page for blogs

While guest blogging is useful, creating a specific page for blog content would also help. The goal is for the users to see that the company knows a lot about the industry. The blog isn’t only about promoting products and services. There could be other relevant topics for them to read. It’s also an excellent way of giving back to loyal customers. They will feel that the company isn’t only about asking for people to pay for the products. There’s also an effort to provide free information. Even if they decide not to buy items right away, they might decide to come back to purchase later. Besides, the blog alone is already a reason to keep coming back. 

Track the progress

Building backlinks will always be a reliable strategy. Business owners have to invest in as many backlinks as possible by publishing fresh content across platforms, utilizing social media, and being creative. Determine if these efforts help move the website higher on the rankings. If they do, this strategy should continue. 

However, if the increased backlinks didn’t help boost the website, it could be due to content quality or the chosen websites. They might not be relevant enough or of top quality to help build the website. Strategies should change depending on the success of the initial campaign. 

Asking help from the best SEO agencies

Understanding an outreach-based link campaign can be a daunting task. It’s also not easy to compete with other websites that already have an established brand. They’re an authority and have several backlinks. With the help of the best SEO agencies San Francisco, being competitive is possible. The business can be more popular online, and most of the pages will rank high. They also appear on top even with different keywords used. 

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