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Instagram is a versatile platform. What started as a social networking site is now a major business. Today, there are endless opportunities on Instagram for the one who looks for it. Once you cross the number of 100k followers on Instagram you are up for a whole new world but achieving that number is a huge task. So how can you grow your audience drastically that could help you achieve your goals? We have something that can help you get free Instagram followers instantly. One word “GetInsta”.

What is GetInsta
Before we give you the tool, let us understand why it is important to increase your audience. 

Why do you need GetInsta?

Why do you need more followers? Is it that important? The answer is “Yes”. Getting more Instagram followers and likes, is so much more rewarding than you think. When you have more followers, your market value increases. Your brand is considered trustworthy because such a huge crowd follows you. Whatever you do, gains more serious attention from people. You will be famous, and last but not the least, the money comes pouring. Once you have more than 100k followers, other brands will want to contact you to advertise themselves and pay you loads of money for that. Wouldn’t you want that?

You could easily get all of this just by increasing the number of followers on your Instagram and GetInsta helps you achieve that goal. 

What is GetInsta?

GetInsta is the best tool to get free Instagram followers quickly and safely. GetInsta allows you to increase the number of your followers from 0 to 100k and much higher. Not only does it help you increase your followers but it also gets you thousands of likes. GetInsta is a simple and efficient tool that saves a lot of your time and effort.

There are other online services available that claim to help you get more followers. Most of the time these sites are simply baits to lure you into something entirely different. You might or might not have been in such a situation too. But now there is no need of surfing from one site to another, wondering why nothing really works. We have got your needs covered. All you need to do is #getGetInsta. It is readily available to work on Android, IOs, and PC.

How does it work?

GetInsta provides a platform where people can gather and help each other in increasing the number of their Instagram followers. The people that will like your posts and the followers that you will get, will be 100% real. This is an extremely organic way of getting more followers quickly because real people with real accounts will actually follow you. The process is neatly manageable and avoids any chaos at all.

There are four simple steps to follow. The following steps are for Android but it works quite similarly on other platforms too.

[Step one]– Download the app on your Android device.

[Step two]– Once you download the app, launch it, and sign up. (This is important for your unique identification.)

[Step three]– Login. If you have multiple accounts, you can get free Instagram followers in multiple accounts. Simply add those accounts and you are good to go. No password needed

How to use GetInsta

When you open the app for the first time, you will already have enough coins to get 50 likes or followers spontaneously for free. For more, you will have to earn more coins.

[Step four]– publish follower tasks to get more coins. As you get more coins, you get more followers and likes on your Instagram instantly. As simple as that.


The tasks determine the number of followers and likes you earn. The more tasks published, the more likes and followers you get. As simple as that. 

The user interface of GetInsta is comfortable for anyone at all. There are no complexities in terms of the UI or anything else as well. 

Is GetInsta safe to use?

Yes absolutely! We are determined to keep your personal information safe. There is no third party involved so there are no chances of leaking any information or selling it. GetInsta is a completely reliable and authentic way to get free Instagram followers easily. 

Do you need to share your password with us?

Not at all. We do not ask for any password or other personal information. We work by using only your username and email id so there is no threat of your account being hacked. Your safety is important to us just as much.

Is there any other threat to it?

No there isn’t. GetInsta is a completely legal tool. It does not violate any terms of Instagram and there are no threats of being involved in something illegal. It is simply a platform created for our users to get free likes and followers and grow together.

In conclusion, GetInsta is an efficient tool that everyone needs to know about because everyone deserves to get free Instagram followers that grow their audience to thousands and millions. 

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