How to get an international driving license

international driving license

 International driving license: why you need it and how to get it

 Only experienced travellers are interested in obtaining an international driving license-IDP (International Driver’s License) before going for a holiday or a weekend. However, all drivers should study this issue because their absence in certain countries/regions does not allow driving the vehicle and cannot perform specific legally significant actions.


All over the world, this issue is bound by the Vienna and Geneva Conventions. Therefore, the participants of the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (signed and made part of their legislation) recognize each other’s national driving licenses, including Greece, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, Montenegro, and other countries, including the UK. In addition, countries that only allow driving under international law are signatories to the Geneva Road Traffic Convention of 1948, including Canada, the United States, Japan, etc.


According to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, member states have mutually recognized their national driving licenses since 1968. However, attention should be paid to the supplement to the Convention of March 29, 2011 (Appendix 6), which stipulates those national rights must contain certain information. (


To recognize national rights in countries that are parties to the Vienna Convention, the goodness must contain the following information:


  • surname;
  • First and middle name;
  • date and place of birth;
  • the place of residence;
  • the body that issued the certificate;
  • date and place of issue;
  • expiration date;
  • room;
  • seal/ signature and/or stamp of the issuing authority;
  • the signature of the owner;
  • a photograph of the owner;
  • The category/ or subcategory of the vehicle, indicating the date of issuance and expiration of the license for each category. 

 What does an international driving license seem like?

This document must be the same as the sample received on March 1, 2011. International driver license UK looks like this:


  • The detailed information of the driver is indicated in English;
  • Paste photos;
  • Specify the type of vehicle he drives or can drive.


The foreign copies are not laminated, and several pages are translated into different languages. It’s allowed you to travel to other countries/regions and is issued based on domestic supply. Therefore, if drivers are deprived of their national rights, they cannot use others and lose legitimacy. If you do not carry the internal vehicle with you when driving but use another vehicle, you may be fined 500 dollars.

 Obtain an international driving license

 Obtaining an international driving license (IDL) is not complicated. Since 2017, at the Territorial Service Centre, the Territorial Service Centre of the Ministry of the Interior, an authorized branch of the territorial agency serving the Ministry of the Interior, an international driving license is issued based on a national driving license without the need to pass an additional examination.


To obtain (exchange) an international driving license, you must contact the nearest service centre of the Ministry of the Interior and provide the following documents:


  • national driving license;
  • Ukrainian passport;
  • an identification number;
  • passport of a citizen for travelling abroad;
  • 3.5 x 4.5 cm photograph on matte paper. 

After checking all the submitted documents.

The administrator immediately returned the driving license, Ukrainian citizen’s passport, and overseas travel passport to the customer.


 The validity period of an international driving license (IDL) shall not exceed 3.5 years from the date of issuance. If the internal samples are lost or unavailable during this period, the external models will naturally be invalid.

 The validity period of the national ID card is ten years. Therefore, if the expiration date has passed, the foreign one will automatically become invalid. In addition, foreign actions cannot exceed domestic activities, so both must be updated.

 In which countries/regions an international driver’s license is required

An international driving license (IDL) is required in countries/regions where the Vienna Road Traffic Agreement occurs. This includes 69 countries, but it is prohibited to use them on the territory of the Russian Federation without an internal country. A complete list of countries that require international driving licenses can view on the United Nations website.

 What documents are needed?

 To obtain an international driving license UK, you do not need to receive driving training again. Before getting a driving license to travel abroad, you need to transmit the data to the relevant authorities. This is a standard-setting; you only need to bring photos in advance, not taken in the traffic police department. So, you need to bring:


  • statement;
  • Actual driving license;
  • Passport or other documents that can confirm identity;
  • 2 matte photos, size 45×35;
  • Receipt for payment of state fees.

 The national tax is 1,600 rubles, but a 30% discount is available on the national service website. In the past, before the enactment of international law, a medical certificate was required, but now there is no need for a medical examination.


How long does it take to get an international driving license (IDL)? 

If all the data is collected, the certificate can be obtained quickly. Apply to the traffic police in person, the right to proceed throughout the day. The public service website will also be ready soon in about one day.

 Naturally, the procedure for obtaining an international driving license on the traffic police department as well as the national service website is faster than contacting MFC. Registration through the Multifunctional Centre of the Russian Federation takes 3 to 5 days.

 Replacement of international driving license

The renewal and the first obtaining an international driving license were carried out following the same plan. Therefore, it is essential to carry the necessary documents with you. Submit to the traffic police department through the national service or MFC website.

 When you lose your driving license, change details (surname, name, father’s name), deteriorate, or expire, you will replace your international driving license. Don’t worry about the late update, as there will be no penalties for doing so.

 Owning documents that can drive a car opens up prospects for unimpeded travel abroad. It is enough to contact the relevant department and collect samples in a short period.



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