How To Fit A Blazer For Women


The key areas to look into when finding the best-fit blazers for you are the length, sleeves, shoulder area, bust, and style. Whether you’re looking for a blazer to wear for work, layer over an evening dress, or your casual clothing, these five areas must be considered.

How your blazers fit is a consideration to make when buying or styling the cloth. You can have your blazers tailored to size for you, however, you can consider buying from SunsetFashionLA. They sell women’s blazers that are just right for your size. You’d definitely find that perfect blazer you’ve been searching for over there without any extra expense. Here are some quick tips to help out with your styling.

What Is The Ideal Length Of A Blazer?

The length of women’s blazers is functional in determining what you can wear with them. To get the best proportion of your blazer, you would have to consider your figure when picking the lengths.

There are various blazer lengths you can wear to flatter your body shape. From the traditional blazers which end around the hipbone to the cropped blazers that end above or just at the navel. While traditional blazers are considered the most general length for women’s blazers, the longer, and shorter blazer lengths form the stylish options one can wear based on preference, fashion trends, where you’re headed, and your body type.

Traditional-length blazers can be worn with neutral outfits such as over a camisole, denim jeans, and strappy sandals. Cropped-length blazers tend to elongate one’s figure when worn over a long top. They also look perfect when paired with high-waisted pants or skirts. To step up the look, you can go for wide-leg pants. Just like the boyfriend jackets, extra-long blazers are the perfect partners for more fitted jeans. The idea of the slim-fit bottoms is to balance out the oversized blazer.

It is important to be mindful of the overall silhouette that would be created when you’re choosing the best length of blazers for you. Make sure to keep the proportions of the outfit at a golden ratio with your body shape. Shorter-length blazers can be worn with fuller dresses and skirts, but longer lengths don’t work well with them. If you have larger busts, you may need a longer blazer to pair with your trousers; but for a skirt, you may want shorter-length blazers.

Fitting The Shoulders Of A Woman’s Blazer

The general look of the shoulder of a blazer should be relaxed but fit. The seams should end at the natural line of the shoulders and should allow easy flexibility and mobility. Regardless of the style, the shoulder of your blazers should not be so tight that you can’t move your arms around or above your head comfortably. You can easily spot this if the seam line ends before the edges of your shoulders.

Unless your blazers are intentionally cut to be too loose around the shoulders like in an oversized fashion, they should look and feel fit with the seams very close to the shoulder ends. This pattern can be very unflattering because of the bunching effect it has on the upper arms. Shoulder pads also help to create a custom-fitting look around the shoulders especially if the blazer was not specifically tailored for you.

What Arm Length Is Perfect For Women’s Blazers?

Wondering where the sleeves of your blazers should end? Here’s what you should know. It’s totally up to you to choose whichever length feels comfortable to you. Whether it’s full-length, three-quarter length, or sleeveless blazers, you choose!

For a professional look, you may want to go full-length. And if you would be opting for this style, also note that the arm length should not be too long or short. Ideally, it should end at the wrist bone. If blazers are part of your style profile and you want to get a flattering fit on your next pick, go for the cropped blazers with a ¾-length sleeve. You can pair the blazer with jeans, a v-neck top, or a camisole and booties.

How To Fit The Bust Of Your Blazers

The bust area is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to getting the right fit for women’s blazers. Your blazers should be relaxed at the bust, such that it doesn’t feel too tight or loose across that area.

Even if you have to button up, it should not cause your bust to appear like it’s stuck in your blazer. The standard for choosing the right bust size for your blazers is that each side of the blazer must cross half of the boobs on that side. Just as a tight cloth would not create the best statement look, very loose blazers tend to form a clustered look in that area.

When you’ve found a blazer with the right bust size for you, what else you should consider is the button style and lapels of your blazer. Blazers with two or three buttons offer more stances for people with larger busts while one-button blazers or even blazers without buttons would be a better fit for people with smaller busts. The lapels tend to be overlooked when styling blazers but they’re quite essential in the overall look of a blazer. Larger lapel sides add more bulk to the top area and create lesser length, so they’re great choices for petite body sizes.

What Style Of Blazers Would You Be Going For?

There is a myriad of blazer styles that you can choose from and look stunning. You can choose from the single-breasted, double-breasted, single-cut, cotton stretch, open front, boyfriend, sleeveless, sweater, and peplum blazers amongst others. The key here is to find what style would look best on your body shape.

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