How to Choose a Smartphone in 2022 | 6 Characteristics That Will Help You Buy the Best Model


We use smartphones daily. Sometimes every user replaces an outdated device with a more modern model to make watching movies or playing games on PlayAmo even more convenient. However, not everyone knows what to look for when choosing the next phone.

Buying a new smartphone can be quite a challenge, given the number of mobile devices from different manufacturers available on the market.

These 6 characteristics will help you choose the model that best fits your needs.


Today, manufacturers are focusing on displays with large diagonals. The vast majority of smartphones have displays larger than 6 inches.

Growing diagonals make phones larger, bulkier and harder to use with one hand. Manufacturers are systematically reducing the size of the frames around the displays, but the trend toward larger screens is evident. The classic 16:9 aspect ratio is being replaced by 18:9 (and the corresponding aspect ratios of 18.5:9, 19:9 and 19.5:9).

Fans of smaller smartphones have limited choices, but fortunately, these models are pretty good all around. One of the newest is the iPhone 13 Mini, which is a solid offering for such user demand. It has pretty much the same components as the classic iPhone 13 but has a smaller screen (5.4 inches instead of 6.1 inches).

Changing the aspect ratio results in a resolution correction. As a result, instead of HD, Full HD or QHD resolution HD +, Full HD + and QHD + appeared (with proportions other than 16: 9) .

As for the types of displays used, three main types of displays are now in use:

  • AMOLED (including Super AMOLED and P-OLED variants).
  • IPS LCD (including IPS+).
  • TFT LCD screen.

AMOLED displays provide the brightest, most saturated colors. IPS screens are the most popular and can be expected to provide adequate contrast, brightness, and wide viewing angles.

Operating Systems

Until recently, there were three major mobile operating systems on the market: Google Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone.

However, smartphones with Windows Phone are now just a rarity. Manufacturers no longer release new models with this platform, as it is no longer supported.

The leader of the mobile market is still Android, which is used by most manufacturers. The priority when choosing a new model is given to devices running the latest version.

iOS is installed only on Apple smartphones. A distinctive feature of iOS is excellent optimization – when you buy an iPhone you can also count on the most frequent updates and higher security.


Smartphones use processors from different “families”. The most popular are the Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. They are slightly inferior to MediaTek. Some manufacturers sometimes choose proprietary developments – Exynos (Samsung) or Kirin (Huawei).

The more advanced, the newer and better the processor. If we plan to play demanding games and watch movies in full HD, we should pay attention to the mentioned octa-core Snapdragon or Apple Bionic processors. Clock speed also matters – a higher number means better performance.


RAM is one of the most important points of a smartphone’s characteristics, and it should not be forgotten about when we want a fast and powerful smartphone. The more RAM, the smoother the system works, the better multitasking and, of course, the more comfortable to play.

The type of operating system also plays a role in the optimal amount of RAM. On Apple devices, we have slightly less RAM, but this does not affect user comfort and iOS performance. Such a stunning result was achieved thanks to the aforementioned very good optimization of the system and applications.

When it comes to the amount of internal memory, much depends on individual preferences and how much content we store on the smartphone. It is assumed that in a cheap smartphone at least 32 GB of ROM, the standard at the moment is considered to be 64 GB, and in the top configurations we will enjoy 128 GB, 256 GB or more.

Dual SIM Smartphone

Dual SIM cards are a useful feature that allows you to use multiple SIM cards on one device. A dual-SIM smartphone is the greatest solution for people who use two phone numbers.

A dual-SIM smartphone is often equipped with a hybrid tray. In this case, a second SIM card is used instead of a microSD card. An interesting advantage of Dual SIM is the ability to use two independent operators.

Smartphone Battery

Definitely determine which battery will be the best, it is not easy due to the frequency of use of the smartphone. The battery runs out faster if we play games and watch movies, and slower if we limit ourselves to basic functions.

The standard battery capacity is from 3000 mAh. A smartphone with a good battery can provide 2 days of normal use, batteries of about 4000 mAh or more can easily provide two days of surfing. The best models have a battery capacity of 5,000 mAh or even more.

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