How suitable is underdog betting in UFC?

MMA fans know that UFC fights are the most iconic and popular events taking place in the world of fighting. They are exciting and intriguing and that is why they usually generate incredibly high ratings as well as massive viewership figures. 

The truth is that UFC fights give pleasure to the fans of the sport but also to the sports bettors, who are fascinated by the dynamics of the bouts and all the heat that is going on right in the field. Bettors find UFC events so attractive because they offer multiple opportunities for placing wagers and therefore, multiple opportunities to optimize their experience as well as make profits. Every bookmaker and bkash betting site alike, builds a long list of betting markets when it comes to UFC fights and enjoys a great influx of wagers, especially when high profile bouts are taking place. 

UFC betting, just like betting on any other sport as well, requires a systematic, careful consideration and sophisticated approach in deciding and placing wagers. Playing it all on luck is not an option for those bettors who are serious about it or who, at least, don’t want to see their money go down the drain. 

There are many different strategies to go about in UFC betting, but here we are going to analyze one system which seems to be a dominant approach and one of the most popular choices among punters. This is the underdog betting system. 

What is underdog betting? 

In every sport, in every game and in every confrontation there is always one side that has greater chances of winning, whether this is due to the side’s dominance, superiority, determination, motivation, commitment or plain circumstances giving prominence to victory. By definition, this leaves the other side with fewer chances of winning. So we have one favorite and one underdog. 

When bettors decide to bet on the moneyline (that is who is going to win the fight) they will look into the value of the different sides. If the underdog odds offer great value for what the bettors think is going to happen, then they can leverage the potentials for high payout and bet on the underdog. A systematic approach to this kind of betting – betting on the underdog to capture the value – is called underdog betting. 

Things to consider in UFC underdog betting

In UFC betting there are some issues that need to be considered before embarking on an underdog betting strategy. 

On the one hand, you need to take into account that in MMA fights, favorites generally don’t emerge just because sportsbooks need to show a difference between the two fighters.

Favorites are usually fighters who do actually stand far greater chances of winning a bout and underdogs represent consistently the lesser potentials of winning. This means that in MMA fights things are more clear compared to other sports and more straight-cut with favorites having a very high win rate. 

Practically that makes the underdog betting strategy a less efficient approach in UFC betting, given that bettors will most likely experience many losses if they decide to opt for this system. 

But upsets do happen in MMA and the truth is that we have seen some of the most unexpected turnarounds in the history of sports at UFC fights. Which brings us to the second issue that bettors need to consider: the Cinderella story. Since there is always a chance of a big victory for a huge underdog, it might be the case that betting on the underdog can bring in many profits in the long run. If bettors decide to back underdogs they may get massive payouts, depending on the odds and the value captured. 

Given these two, it all comes down to what bettors want. If they want to pursue bigger profits and they stand to lose small amounts on underdog betting while waiting for the big turnaround  to happen, then they can certainly choose this strategy. It is a suitable strategy for UFC betting, for as long as it is implemented with caution, with no exaggeration and always with the maximum responsibility. 

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