How Much Bitcoin Should I Buy


Buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is almost a mainstream tendency these days. However, many new users of digital coins have the question ‘How much should I invest in Bitcoin to have profit?’ 

This article will discuss this matter and the topic of Bitcoin investments with its nuances. You will also find out how to buy Bitcoin with a credit card in a minute. 

What a New Investor Should Consider Before Buying Bitcoin

Influential investors who have been in the sphere for quite a long time to give advice tend to say that one needs to invest 5 to 30 percent of your capital to remain on the safe side. Here, they consider 5 to be quite risk-free while 30 hazardous. 

Still, there is also some controversy in numbers. For example, some say it is also okay to invest around 50 percent, but the main point is that this decision is very individual. It depends on how comfortable you are losing your investments, whether you can tolerate constant risk, and market factors. So, forget these numbers – we are going to look at the topic in a more detailed way. 

Starting from zero, first, you will need to know what you will pool your money in when you want to buy Bitcoins with debit card no verification

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency so far that has grown from 0,01 USD to over 49,000 USD per coin over the time of its existence. Despite the highs and lows, it has seen, someone who had invested in Bitcoin at its dawn would receive at least 35% growth per month on average. 

This is very persuasive for anyone desiring to buy it, right? But lets us have a look at the coin concerning another plus. Bitcoin is scarce, which is why its value went up so drastically – its number is limited to 21 million coins. With other coins, the story is often different. 

How to Increase Your Chances for Success In Buying Bitcoin 

Getting closer to the actual answer to ‘How much should I invest in Bitcoin?’ let us look at pieces of advice to top up your investment success at the start. We’ll do it by listing the 3 main tips. 

  1. Split your budget for investment. 

A smooth start excludes any big stress. Investing all your money immediately isn’t wise; it is much better to understand and ‘feel’ the market first. So, try to divide the investment money into parts meant for different periods – a month, a quarter of the year, a whole year, etc. 

This will save you money if the currency suddenly drops, leave some space for diversifying your portfolio, and teach you what it’s like to invest in digital currency. 

  1. Choose only the best platforms to buy Bitcoin. 

With this app or service, you must be sure of your security and the reliability of financial operations. A vital factor to consider is how easy making the account is at such a place – if you can do it instantly without verifying your ID, it is a warning sign. 

Decent exchange platforms will first ask you to complete verification for you to work later anonymously and buy BTC with credit card fast. One such place to exchange cryptocurrency or just buy or sell Bitcoin is Switchere. 

After providing the ID data at the registration, a user can buy Bitcoins with a debit card and find the best rates. To buy Bitcoins with a debit, card one needs to have a credit or debit card such as Visa or Mastercard, and when choosing to buy Bitcoin, gives the address of the crypto wallet for the cryptocurrency to arrive there. 

Switchere is always ready to host new crypto enthusiasts and allow them to buy Bitcoins with credit card no verification at any time. 

  1. Try to invest as little as 10 USD.

Little investments are not worse – in many ways, they are even better than huge sums of money as it is simpler to see how the investment works in the case with the chosen coin. Besides, it doesn’t matter how much you have when you buy BTC with debit card in most services. 

So, remember to treat cryptocurrency investment carefully without rushing in. As it turns out, you can make a good profit even by investing small sums. The main thing is to know what you’re dealing with, smartly divide your capital, and rely on proven platforms to buy Bitcoins with debit card. 

No matter how much you invest, do it thoughtfully. Then you can not only win your investments back but also earn at it. 

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