How Competitive Franchises Take Advantage of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

In today’s market, speed, convenience, and intuitive design are essential for operating a competitive and successful franchise with a complex digital network behind it. As companies search for ways to cut costs and improve efficiencies, dedicated server hosting has become more and more popular for its advantages in IT and cost-effectiveness compared to other hosting solutions. Dedicated servers are more powerful than shared alternatives, allowing you to do more with the server space you pay for. And if you’re looking for an efficient way to scale your business, it’s essential to understand the benefits of using dedicated servers. Here’s a look at how dedicated server hosting can benefit a franchise.


When it comes to security, dedicated servers are the gold standard. They offer a higher level of protection that other hosting options can’t provide. For example, they’re considered more secure than VPS or shared plans because each server has its own unique IP address, and IP addresses are not shared across multiple servers. Dedicated servers also have their own physical space in the data center where only you, your team, and your host can access them. And unlike shared hosting, where there are hundreds of websites using one server at a time, with a dedicated server, you get your very own piece of hardware for just your websites and digital network—and no one else gets access! With a server host like Liquid Web, you can benefit from their state-of-the-art enterprise-level servers with 24/7 malware monitoring and all the top security protocols available for server hosting services. You can rest assured that your digital network will remain secure and that your franchise data, including payment information and customer and employee data, is never compromised.


Dedicated servers are much faster than virtual private servers (VPS) or shared plans. VPSs run on a virtualized environment using the same hardware resources as other users on the same physical server, which means they have limited memory and processing power. A dedicated server is its own unit, with its own operating system, processor, memory, and storage resources. This makes it possible to run multiple eCommerce websites without any speed issues. With dedicated server hosting from Liquid Web, you only pay for the power your network actually uses. As your company grows and your digital infrastructure expands, you can allocate greater power to specific sites or programs you wish to scale. Faster processing power can significantly improve your bottom line and reduce the bounce rate to your sites.


Dedicated servers are a popular choice for competitive franchises. This is because they allow you to scale your site’s capacity affordably and offer staging space to design, test, and launch new site functionality or software.

In addition, bare metal servers are faster than VPS or shared hosting options that may have been used previously by your franchise team. This can make a big difference if your business sells digital products or services, as speed is critical for customer satisfaction and conversions.

In terms of scalability, dedicated servers can support multiple domains across your digital network. This allows you to easily manage your different brands from one server without having various accounts set up across different providers.

Customization for Complex Franchises

Dedicated hosting plans can be customized to support a network of franchised stores. In this way, you can ensure that your franchisees have the same level of functionality and support across the board while at the same time reducing costs and streamlining operations.

Franchise organizations are responsible for protecting their brand identity and ensuring that the quality of service they provide is consistent across all locations. Dedicated servers are an effective way to help manage those responsibilities while saving money on IT costs.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using a dedicated server hosting plan. They’re fast, secure, and scalable. And you can easily host multiple sites with one account—a huge advantage if you have numerous franchise locations or even partners that need access to their websites. Start exploring how a dedicated server can improve your franchise and consider the benefits of working with an experienced host like Liquid Web.



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