Here’s Why You Should Switch to a Biometric Attendance System

Switch to a Biometric Attendance System

Here’s Why You Should Switch to a Biometric Attendance System. Tracking employee attendance is crucial for any organisation. Previously, this task was done manually, and without a reliable attendance management system, organisations often faced compliance issues and payroll errors. A suitable replacement for paper-based timesheets came in the form of biometric attendance system that help organisations save time, reduce administrative work, maintain accurate attendance records, and eliminate process bottlenecks.

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In today’s time, biometric attendance has become a popular way to track time and attendance for companies across the globe. Since a biometric system is capable of capturing employee attendance using their unique fingerprints, hand shape, iris, or face shape, it ensures that employees are unable to clock in for one another, thereby preventing cases of misuse.

If you are still aren’t convinced why you need to switch to a biometric attendance system, we bring to you a list of reasons that will help in answering any questions you might have:

  1. It Helps in Preventing Buddy Punching

One of the primary functions of a biometric attendance system is that it helps in preventing buddy punching – a process where employees sign in for their colleagues in manual registers or check-in automated software by entering their passcode.

However, a biometric attendance machine is capable enough to detect the unique physiological features of an employee. Therefore, only those employees will be given attendance who have actually reported at the workplace. (

It is an ideal tool as it helps in preventing punching in or out for workers who are not present in the office premises physically.

  1. The Accountability of Employees is Improved

As a responsible manager of your organisation, you can easily increase employee accountability by using time and attendance software. These systems create reports for every employee in the system that show what time they got to work, for how long they worked, and the breaks they took. This also means that any biometric-based data or reports will show you records of employees who are taking long breaks, not reporting to work, or clocking in too early or too late. This will enable your employees to be more accountable, thus increasing their productivity.

  1. Increased Level of Job Satisfaction

Every organisation needs to take care of their hard-working employees and reward them well for all their efforts. With a biometric attendance system in place, employees can be assured that their time is being calculated accurately. They get due recognition and managers should be informed accordingly if employees are putting in extra hours by working over-time.

Employees who work over-time can be rewarded with privileges, such as extra day-off or financial benefits. It is a great tool that can enhance job satisfaction and make sure that an organisation’s workforce remains engaged.

  1. Increased Return on Investment

When an organisation implements the use of a biometric attendance system, it will help it in achieving a positive ROI. This can be done by eliminating buddy punching and various other loopholes that were prevalent in the older attendance systems.

  1. Easy and Safe to Use

One of the best things about using a biometric attendance system is that modern systems come with integrated technology that is safe and easy to use. This provides accurate results.

Opt for a Robust Biometric Attendance Machine

An excellent attendance machine will give you 100% visibility of employee working hours, eliminate missed punches, and streamline attendance tracking. You can choose a trustworthy brand like KENT that has come with the most efficient attendance system that ensures employee safety in the post-pandemic times. KENT CamAttendance has features such as mask detection, computer vision based on Artificial Intelligence to detect real people and mark their attendance. It offers 99.9% accuracy. Do your research and start with a free demo of KENT CamAttendance.

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