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quality tarps

Quality Tarps are tarp like materials that can be used for covering, protecting and sheltering something. A tarp is also known as a groundsheet or tent cloth. It is normally made of woven polyethylene fibers which make it very durable. Tarps are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. They can be used to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays on your camping trip, keep the dirty water away from your face when performing an open heart surgery (yes tarps can even help you perform surgeries), they can cover your vehicle when parked near the beach to prevent getting sand inside, they can be laid out under plants during greenhouses to prevent water run-off and much more! 

The common quality tarps include:

  • Canvas tarps are commonly used tarps. They are waterproof, rot-proof and mildew-resistant. Canvas tarps are available in different weights depending on how thick they are. A 9 ounce tarp is more suitable for home use while a 16 or 20 ounce tarp can be used for commercial purposes. 
  • Nylon tarps have the same characteristics as canvas tarps but nylon tarps are stronger, lighter and more water resistant than canvas tarps. Nylon tarps can be found mostly at hardware stores while canvas tarps can be found mainly at fabric stores.
  • Waterproof vinyl tarps usually start to tear apart when exposed to sunlight over an extended period of time but they longer than other kinds of tarps. A good thing about vinyl tarps is that they last a long time and are strong enough to withstand high temperatures. (Zolpidem)
  • Urethane tarps are very durable tarps that can last up to ten years under proper use. They also provide superior waterproof protection, sunlight resistance and tear resistance over many other types of tarps. Urethane tarps are great when covering vehicles because they will not scratch the vehicle when you walk on them.
  • Grommeted tarps have holes in the corners which allow them to be attached or hung with ropes or bungee cords for greater protection in windy conditions. These tarps come in different sizes, shapes and colors-great for outdoor activities like camping! 

Proudly made in the USA, these tarps are the premium quality products you will be able to get.

It all started after WWII when a veteran came back with many tarps that were used during his trip overseas for protecting items on ships, boats, or even equipment from being damaged by water. Ever since then tarps have been widely used in various scenarios.

Tarps are becoming more and more popular nowadays because of their capability to protect people and objects from strong sunlight’s heat while still allowing proper ventilation inside. For instance if you want to protect your car’s interior due to long hours of direct sunlight exposure, you can simply use tarps whereas without tarps your car would surely get hot very. Same goes with your backyard, if you want to save your garden from too much heat tarps are what you need. Tarps can hold up even against the strongest of wind gusts, so they are very suitable not only for outdoor but indoor uses as well where there is a possibility of strong winds reaching your place.

With tarps at hand nobody will be able to steal your valuables, working tools or even camping equipment today.

The tarps we offer are available in 4 different sizes which make them adaptable to anything protection needs you might have. 

For instance if you own a car and you want to protect it, simply gets tarps that go around its perimeter like this:

  • Tarps used on cars come standard with some holes that will never tears, so tarps are extremely durable all around.
  • Custom tarps are our specialty, so if you are looking to protect something other than the aforementioned objects do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you choose tarps that suit your needs best.
  • The tarps we offer come in different colors as well, allowing them to compliment any surrounding they might find themselves into. Let’s review some of the most popular color patterns tarps are available today: black, orange-black, dark green, hunter green and grey.


Tarps are great for many different applications and we offer you the best tarps such as tarps made in America or tarps that come with grommets.

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