Geiger Is a Classic Tale Set in the Wastes of the Apocalypse


For years, Image Comics has been pumping out title after title of creator-controlled comics. Founded in the 90s by writers and artists who grew tired of being pulled in all directions by the executives at Marvel and DC, Image has blossomed into a publisher that retains its original values while smoothing over relations with their biggest competitors. Image has been responsible for acclaimed releases ranging from “The Walking Dead” to “Saga” to “Invincible,” it currently has another success on its hand with “Geiger.” With a star-studded creative team at the helm, this isn’t a comic to miss.

The Story

The story of “Geiger” is a familiar one in the landscape of sci-fi tales: mankind’s hubris has led to the total destruction of the planet by way of nuclear war. The comic book is set many years after the end of the war, in a time where the land is plagued by radiation and the survivors must endure endless hardships as they battle for the few resources that remain. The twist? One man happened to benefit from the nuclear blasts. Instead of dying, a man known as Geiger was given new abilities by the meltdown of society.

Geiger has the unique skill of being able to wander the dead planet without succumbing to the effects of radiation poisoning. Though the centerpiece of the story, Geiger is far from the only character in this tale. The story is filled with memorable individuals and intriguing plot details that will keep readers turning pages and wondering what exactly is happening in this wasteland setting.

The Creative Team

The team behind the wheel of “Geiger” is one that should be very familiar to comic fans. The writer is none other than Geoff Johns, who has written for both Marvel and DC over the years. His works include iconic runs on books like “Avengers” and “Green Lantern,” as well as executive involvement in shows like “Stargirl” and various films. The artist is Gary Frank, who also has developed a reputation after his iconic drawings in titles like “The Incredible Hulk,” “Doomsday Clock,” and “Action Comics.”

Also in the mix is colorist and illustrator Brad Anderson. The creative work of Anderson has been found in comic titles like “Star Wars: Legacy,” “Justice League,” and “Weapon X.” With Johns, Frank, and Anderson working together on “Geiger,” fans can expect expert storytelling mixed with art that invokes the most imaginative aspects of a post-apocalyptic world.

The Future

The tale of “Geiger” is one that has been told before, but this take on the end of mankind has plenty of unique spins and interesting hooks to keep readers engaged. The book is set to be ongoing for now, meaning that Johns and the rest of the creative team has an idea of where they would like the story to go. This also means that you can read along with the stories monthly as each issue drops or wait until the comics are collected in graphic novels down the line.

Comic books offer the chance to disappear into imaginative stories with captivating art. No matter how you like to read episodic adventures, “Geiger” is a tale that you definitely want to add to your list.

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