Five Key Digital Skills to Master For Your Career

Digital Skills

Any IT career will rely on the skills you’re able to build up within and outside of your vocational life. Many of these skills will actually be prerequisites for getting the kind of jobs that pay well and will advance your career – and as such, you’ll do much of your learning and training off your own back in your spare time. In this article, we’ll look at five key skills that it’s important any IT professional takes to the job market in 2021 – and how you can develop them. 


Not all IT professionals need to know how to code – but a basic understanding of how the world of software programming and website code works can really help you throughout your career. Not only will it enable you to make small changes and edits to existing lines of code, but it’ll mean you’re able to speak to people who code for a living while actually understanding what they have to say. You can complete a basic coding course in about two weeks – well worth the time and money.

Cloud Computing

Most businesses are shifting their attention to the cloud in the 2020s as the older system of localized servers begins to feel anachronistic and frail. Any IT professional with some knowledge of how the cloud works and which cloud services are most useful will be seen as valuable to companies looking to hire a new IT worker. It’s easy to take cloud computing training from established training companies, helping you pick up this useful – some would say invaluable – skill. 

Computing Errors

If you’ve worked in an IT job before, you’ll know just how often a worker will sidle up to your desk, laptop in hand, asking what an error message on their screen really means. Often, you’ll know the answer because you Googled it when it happened to you. But sometimes it’s something a little more complex – and it pays to be able to help at the moment. Learning common IT bugs and errors will help you be a more fleshed-out and useful IT employee throughout your career. You can pick up this skill by researching online and by reading forums. 

Social Media

This might seem like one for the marketing department – though digital marketing is adjacent to the IT department – but there’s actually a good reason for you to be aware of social media and how it works. If you know more about the algorithms, you’ll be able to advise your team on when it’s best to place an advert, and how – more useful knowledge that can help a company grow. 

Major Software

Finally, all IT professionals should be comfortable using the majority of the software out there on the market. That’s especially true for major business software, which can sometimes be a bit of a mystery to the entire team. Being able to fix issues, spot bugs, and respond to tickets in this area will make you an important and much-appreciated member of your team. 

These IT skills are essential for anyone entering the job market today as an aspiring IT professional. 

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