10 Expert Styling Tips on How to Make Your Legs Look Longer

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Listen up, ladies.

Just because you weren’t blessed in the leg department like Kylie Jenner or Cindy Crawford doesn’t mean you don’t get to show them off.

Let’s get one thing straight: You are absolutely stunning no matter your shape or size. But sometimes you just want to strut into a first date or an important meeting and feel extra confident. We get it!

That’s why we’ve compiled a few styling tips on how to make your legs look longer so that every wood floor or parking lot can feel like your own personal runway.

Best Styling Tips for 2021

1. Get Some Extra Inches

Investing in some high heel boots or other platform shoes is probably the oldest trick in the book to make your legs appear longer and you appear taller. Boots that go all the way above the knee have been the style choice of icons like Ariana Grande, a five-foot-three queen.

2. Don’t Crop Your Pants

As cute of a trend this is, cropping your pants can make your legs appear shorter from a distance. Instead, try to find pants that rest just above the ankle.

3. Tuck Your Shirt In

Often called the “French Tuck“, simply tucking your shirt into your pants creates the illusion of a much higher waistline. It’s also extremely fashion-forward, so win-win!

4. Pick the Right Stripes!

ALWAYS go with vertical stripes if you’re wanting to appear taller. These will draw eyes up and down instead of side to side.

5. Rock High-Waisted Pants

For long legs, it’s all about achieving a higher waistline, and these types of pants do just that in a natural and fashionable way. High-waisted pants can be paired with a crop top or cropped sweater to create a chic, modern outfit.

6. Opt for Skinny Jeans

Do your legs a favor and rock a pair of dark skinny jeans. These will slim you down and make your silhouette appear much taller!

7. Go Nude!

Coloured shoes create a dividing line that separates your legs from your feet, making you look shorter. Nude shoes or shoes that match the color of your pants will erase that dividing line, helping your legs look longer!

8. Stay Dark

It’s no secret that men and women have been wearing all black for decades in order to trick the mind into adding some extra height. However, this works with just about any dark color! (buy ambien online mexico)

9. Watch the Length of Your Shorts and Skirts

Either go a few inches above the knee or well below with these apparels. That awkward in-between length only creates another dividing line that elongates your torso and shortens your legs.

10. Choose Short Jackets

Cropped jackets or sweaters will raise your waistline dramatically. They’ll also give the illusion of those extra-long legs you’ve been craving.

Now You Know How to Make Your Legs Look Longer

Now that you know how to make your legs look longer, you’re on your way to becoming a fashion icon. Remember us when you’re famous!

To stay up to date, be sure to check out some of our other detailed fashion blog posts, or learn more random tips and tricks to help your day-to-day life become a breeze.

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