The World of Entertainment Meets Online Casinos

Entertainment Meets Online Casinos

People are used to thinking about the world of online casinos and entertainment as two very distinct things. However, the reality can be much different, and the world of entertainment Meets Online Cricket Betting ID, bringing forth games that are a lot more than mere gambling devices.

However, this hasn’t always been the case; today, we are here to take a closer look at how the merger started. More importantly, we’ll look at all the casino games such as Satta Matka that brought a new level of entertainment to the table. 

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First Branded Casino Slot Game

It all began more than 15 years ago when the popular software developer Microgaming created the Tomb Raider slot. By doing this, the company essentially developed the first officially licensed branded casino slot game. This was unprecedented for the time, as no company thought about branding a casino game by using a popular title from the world of entertainment.

However, by doing this, the company started a massive trend that’s still strong to this day. The Tomb Raider slot is still popular today, and other developers have created their own slots and other casino games in a similar manner. They even went further by bringing the world of music, television, movies, and more to the world of online casinos Cricket ID. That’s why you can now see many casino games based on popular titles from the world of entertainment.

Massive Collection of Branded Casino Games

Microgaming was the first to start the trend, but it didn’t stop with Tomb Raider. It got the green light from other companies and brought us fan favorites like Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park. The two slots are now classics, and many players still enjoy them every day.

Another big name that entered this new market is Playtech. It created the fantastic Gladiator slot that’s enjoyed by many, especially by those looking to win big in jackpot games. In time, the company developed a reputation for creating branded slot casino games. 

It found success by creating Marvel-themed slots, but unfortunately, this cooperation ended once Disney bought the comic book company. However, these slots were enough to make Playtech one of the most recognizable software developers in the world of online casinos

Now, they have a big library of branded games like Top Gun, King Kong, The Matrix, Britain’s Got Talent, and many more.

It didn’t take long for the brand with the most dedicated fanbase, NetEnt, to follow suit. What’s more, it could be argued that NetEnt’s success among fans is mostly due to its branded slots such as Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix, and Guns N’ Roses.

What Makes Branded Casino Games Good?

Naturally, we can’t say that these games have reached success only because they used the name and the appearance of a popular title from the world of entertainment. Yes, the style and design of these slots are influenced by the brand, but what successful branded casino games got right was how they included the elements of the brand into their gameplay, especially the bonus features.

However, that’s not all. Games like the Ted slot and The Goonies have woven the branded characters into the game in a way that celebrates both the slot and the brand. 

NetEnt’s Street FIghter 2 went even further. The game didn’t just stay true to the original branded game — it infused its design, gameplay, and graphics into the slot. Hence, the slot game and the original game are hardly discernible.

Naturally, none of this would be possible without successful negotiations for licenses. All of these software developers should be commended for obtaining the necessary licenses — it’s not easy to achieve something like that since not all industries want to work with the online casino industry.

We hope they’ll continue the practice and keep bringing us many more brands Meets Online Casinos games.

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