Editing Guide: How to Unlock Password Protected Files Using PDFBear

Unlock Password Protected Files

The different kinds of documents these days can be intimidating and overwhelming sometimes. And some web-based converter tools are not for free, and you have to buy some of its means to operate them. Good thing, PDFBear is for free and can be opened easily. Because of this, users can permanently unlock protected files effortlessly. There are many grounds why a user wants to put a password for their documents, mainly handling sensitive and confidential documents to work with. As mentioned, the endless possibilities of the growth of technology can be challenging at times. Here are some directions on how to Unlock Password Protected Files using PDFBear.

How to Unlock Secured Documents?

It’s significant to set a password on a particular document to make it extra protected and private for most people. It can sometimes be demanding, especially when you’re not using the right track and reliable tool. Everything has been made easy with PDFBear’s excellent tools and gives the best services for conversion.

The steps are simple. The first step is to go to their site and choose the Unlock tool. Then, upload the PDF file and enter your current password into the designated toolbox. Click the “Unlock PDF,” and PDFBear will directly decrypt the file, and please wait for a while before saving your file. The unlock password protected PDF feature of PDFBear is 100% efficient.

1. Always Remember Your Password

To execute unlocking a PDF file, you must need a password. Although there are numerous techniques convenient on the web, none can achieve the certainty of password-protected documents. If your document requires a password to access, using a straightforward procedure or third-party instruments might not work. It’s better to use trusted software to unlock PDF files.

2. The User-locked Password To Access a PDF File

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to know that there are two kinds of passwords for a PDF file. The first one is the password required to access a file, known as a document open password. There might be security cutbacks in position. The said feature defuses anyone’s approach to the PDF file and avoids anyone without the password accessing it.

3. Tools And Features

PDFBear does not only provide unlocking a protected PDF file, but it offers numerous remarkable tools and features. This web-based converter tool allows users to convert PDF to Word, HTML, JPG, PNG, PDFA, PPT, and vice versa. Plus, it has excellent features like Merging, Splitting, Compressing, Rotates PDF, Deletes page, Adding page numbers, and so much more. 

People of age can effortlessly use pDFBear without getting through any inconvenience since it’s designed and intended in a streamlined manner and user-friendly interface. There is no need for extreme skills and knowledge as it has made it easy for everyone to use by just following four simple steps.

Almost all of these tools have the same guidelines for converting. Go to their website and find the specific device you want to use for your file. Then, upload the file into the toolbox, and PDFBear will directly display a set of options if you’re going to have to edit or alter your document.

Once done, apply all the changes and wait for a couple of minutes before you can save or download the newly converted document into your device. PDFBear is the ultimate converter instrument on the internet. There may be hundreds of online tools, but it’s hard to find a specific one that is precise and accurate.

4. Security System

What’s excellent about PDFBear is it respects and values its customer’s safety and privacy. One of their main priorities is their security system which each individual will benefit from. PDFBear is SSL encrypted that stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This specific connection is a sophisticated technology that protects web browsers from being opened between two programs.

This also implies that every piece of information and file is 100% protected. Being SSL encrypted prevents getting hacked, scammers, viruses, malware, and all other online malicious intent that are harmful and might be alarming. On top of that, PDFBear has a unique security policy.

This policy is called the 60-minute policy. This sophisticated rule implies that everything you have processed, transferred, and converted on their website will be deleted after 60 minutes permanently. This is a remarkable feature for people who are not comfortable setting their information and files on the internet. 


PDFBear is the best handy tool for unlocking password-protected PDF files. Individuals are 100% guaranteed safe and protected as they have an excellent security system everyone would go for. 


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