Do You Want to Try the Terrazzo Trend?

the Terrazzo Trend

Are you planning to revamp your bathroom décor? You are not possibly thinking about using the terrazzo trend, one of the growing design trends. Terrazzo trend decorates walls and flooring in its composite base featuring glass, granite, marble, or quartz pieces.  During pouring or precast, the makers mix these pieces with a binder, which can be cement or polymeric material. At the end of it, you come across unusual patterns that look nothing short of a style statement. You can use them to pack an aesthetic punch in any corner of your house – bathroom or somewhere else.  In numerous graphic-inspired designs, you can find them as the common element. 

While it can seem like a new rage in 21st-century homes, terrazzo has been enjoying a secure place in the interiors and exteriors for thousands of years. Some believe that it was available back in 9000 to 8000 BC also. Well, it is genuinely something then. Hence, it makes sense to consider it as a design choice once. You can do many things with it because of its diverse designs, which look speckled, textured, asymmetrical, dotted, contrasting shapes of different sizes, etc. Since it is back and, most notably for bathrooms, here are some suggestions to help you leverage its visual appeal with the Terrazzo Trend.

How to use terrazzo in the bathroom décor?

Decking up walls with terrazzo

The safe choice can be the walls if you wish to delve into this craze without a miss. You can like this idea for its affordable and simple vibe. You can get rid of tiles from the significant part of the bathroom interiors. For example, think of using it on the shower wall. The versatile wall panel can instantly redefine its vibe. You can experience the transition from drab to exciting in a snap. Since it is a hard-wearing material, you can expect it to take care of itself and the walls for a long time. Plus, it ensures a watertight finish. Due to this, you can bank on its stain resistance. Maintenance will also not be a headache. You can clean it with a simple wipe.

Were you busy finding luxurious yet affordable sinks for restrooms? However, if you wish to bask a little more in terrazzo glory, you can apply it in your bathtub and sink areas. The wall behind the sink or bathtub can look lovely in this form. Even if you choose a simple sink design, you can allow this feature to take over the complete control in its hand. The visual result can never be disappointing. As you get many installation options, you don’t have to worry about the proper fix for your décor. Some waterproof designs can be DIY-friendly also. You can find out something from there to fulfill your desire on a budget.

Giving a wild twist to the flooring with terrazzo

There is no need to limit your vision about the use of this material. While bathroom walls can be commonplace, you can get creative by selecting terrazzo for the flooring. Mix and match various patterns to get the correct vibe. The flooring can play the role of a perfect contemporary companion to your updated restroom. Some homeowners choose a speckled design in colorful options to create a holiday feel in the bathroom. To round this up better, they add greenery at the strategic locations. The plants look stylish and soften the tone of the material to maintain the gentle tropical spirit.

Suppose you want to wow everyone with your unique selection. In that case, you can opt for the appropriate accessories to deliver the impact. You can rest assured of carving a chic and effortless style through them.

Using accents and decorative pieces made of terrazzo

Again, the options are endless, but the one choice that can never skip your attention is the candle holder. You can keep it on the wooden shelf, on the sink countertop, or somewhere else. No matter where you add this, the combination of warm light and the texture of the terrazzo material will work like magic. Apart from this, a soap dispenser sporting speckled designs can also be the right pick. From concrete lampshades to round black mirrors, terrazzo can adorn any look effortlessly. It can be nice to add small storage boxes to this base. The bathroom shelves will suddenly come alive due to the presence of diverse colors. 

Things to consider when using terrazzo trend

Experts inform that terrazzo floor tiles can feature rough edges and be prone to chipping. Hence, you have to be careful with its maintenance. Make sure the tile ends remain well-aligned when you lay them. If you notice any pit, you must cover it immediately to reduce the risk of chipping. Select an easy-to-install panel to avoid any hassle if you wish to use it on the sink splashback. Although many of these items can already have an excellent color range, you must not restrain yourself from popping colors through wall paint and accessories. The whole color scheme has to combine well, though. 

Some bathrooms like to try contrasting effects with this material by choosing colorful chips. But it will be better to be safe in this area as too many speckled items can upset the visual appeal. Things can appear too dotty. Nevertheless, since regular cleaning allows it to stay healthy and fresh all the time, you may not feel dissatisfied with your decision.

Bathroom decors allow you to get creative and imaginative with your selection. Budget can be the main hurdle in this path, but you don’t have to depend on expensive choices. Many affordable decoration ideas are also available. You can lean on them to refresh your old restroom’s energy. While a new wall color can be the easiest thing to achieve, you can focus on areas like appliances, floor tiles, wall tiles, cabinets, accessories, and others. If you don’t want to splurge, bank on DIY options more. Else, you can talk to a proper designer or contractor to facelift your bathroom space. Before approaching them, you need to know your design goals to save time. So remember this.

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