Do dirty evaporator coils really affect the cooling capacity of your AC unit? 

For many of us in Melbourne, Australia, getting an air conditioner service is not the first thing on our to-do list. This is also understandable, as not all of us understand how cooling systems function and what preventive measures a good and responsible technician takes when providing an air conditioner service. 

For instance, a good and knowledgeable technician will always make sure that the dirty evaporator coils of your AC unit are left squeaky clean after the air conditioner service in Melbourne, as they understand the role these coils play in effectively cooling your home or workplace. 

In fact, if you ask any good air conditioner repair provider in Melbourne, Australia, you will be shocked to see how many complaints are due to the same reason. This is because, primarily, these coils are responsible for absorbing the heat from the air in your home or workplace.

That means if these coils are somehow dirty or not functioning properly, then you can be pretty sure that your AC will also not function smoothly, and the hot Melbourne summers are going to feel hotter and sweatier for some of you. 

Also, these coils not only affect the cooling of your AC unit and make you run for an air conditioner repair service every now and then, but they also shorten the life of your AC units by badly affecting the health of the compressor unit of the AC. Once the compressor of your AC unit is badly damaged, you are going to need extremely skilled professionals for air conditioner repair, and they are not easy to find and can also cost you more than a few bucks. 

Lastly, before we jump into understanding these problems further, let’s also remember that dirty coils are also going to be responsible for the dirty electricity bills you are going to pay each month. That means you are actually paying more for less cooling. If your high electricity bill doesn’t give you enough sweat this summer, then less cooling will surely do.

Most importantly, you could have saved on these high bills and enjoyed a good lifestyle at the same time if you had just acted on time and opted for an excellent air conditioner service. 

Now, let’s dive into the basics of evaporator coils in 1O1.

Signs your evaporator coil is dirty:

Since so much of the effective functioning of the AC unit depends on these coils, it is highly recommended to identify some of the signs dirty evaporator coils exhibit so that you know when it’s time to call that air conditioner repair provider. 

  • Low cooling or zero cooling:

The first and foremost symptom of a dirty coil is the loss of its ability to cool effectively. You may also need to keep your AC units switched on for hours to get the cooling effect that you used to get 10 minutes earlier.

  • High humidity

Dirty coils also affect the maintenance of the air pressure in your area. When the air pressure in a room is not maintained, it can easily get very humid or dry. In this case, the environment becomes extremely humid. Thus, the reason for turning the AC unit on at all goes in vain.


  • High electricity bills

We briefly discussed in this post earlier that electricity bills are badly affected by dirty evaporator coils.

The in-depth explanation for this is simple: if the coils are dirty, your AC will need more time to cool, resulting in higher bills.

Secondly, these coils are going to make other parts of the AC work harder in order to achieve the same cooling effect as before, thus requiring higher units of energy, which will further increase the electricity bill.


  • Evaporator coils are frosted

 What happens is that if your coil is not cleaned for a long time, then due to the accumulated dust and grime, these coils get condensation frozen on them, thus getting frosted. This is a very bad stage, and it is highly recommended to get an air conditioner repair service at this stage. This is because frosted coils stop absorbing the heat at all, and soon your AC unit is going to break completely due to overheating.

Overheating is not a situation you want yourself to get into. This will only result in hefty repair costs and a shortened lifespan of the AC unit you bought with so many expectations and love.

Is the problem of dirty coils fixable?

 It may seem like a stretch, but all the ill effects caused by dirty coils are preventable. The solution is very simple and obvious: “Keep thy evaporator coils clean!“. 

 Clean evaporator coils will not only take away the stress from other parts of your AC unit, like the compressor, but will also keep your rooms chilled or heated, whatever you wish for. This will ultimately reduce your electricity bills too, giving you more reasons to enjoy the summer.

 Now, you may ask, “How do I keep these coils clean at all times? After all, we cannot prevent the dust from entering our AC units and can also have our furry friends around, which results in increasing the dust and grime buildup too. How can clean evaporator coils become more achievable and feasible?

 The answer to this is also very easy: get air conditioner service regularly. This will ensure the health and efficiency of your air conditioner. An advice that I can give you here is that you should never attempt to clean the evaporator coils of your AC units at home by yourself or opt for below-average services to save some bucks. This is only going to cost you more money in the long run and can be extremely dangerous too.

 If you attempt to do this by yourself, then you may lose your air conditioner unit forever too. There is a reason it takes so much time to develop certain skills and accumulate experience in one’s own field, and if someone thinks that one can just attempt it at home and everything will stay smooth as before, then they are highly mistaken.

A good technician in Melbourne will not only clean the evaporator coils but also clean the filters and perform 10 other activities responsible for smooth functioning. Thus, it is very important to choose the right air conditioner repair service. 

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