Dekho Magar Pyar Se Cast Real Names with Photographs

Dekho Magar Pyar Se

Dekho Magar Pyar Se Cast Real Names with Photographs information and details has been provided here. It was first aired in 2004 and went off air after low TRP. It was produced by Prime Channel and BAG Films and directed by Guroudev Bhall and Shrey Guleri.

So, let’s see cast real names of Dekho Magar Pyar Se with photographs.

Dekho Magar Pyar Se Cast Real Names with Photographs

Nikita #1 aka Shweta Agarwal

Nikita #1 real name is Shweta Agarwal

Nikita #2 aka Shraddha NigamNikita #2 real name is Shraddha Nigam

Karan aka Keith SequeiraKaran real name is Keith Sequeira

Arjun aka Kushal PunjabiArjun real name is Kushal Punjabi

Kaya aka Reena KapoorKaya real name is Reena Kapoor

Tanya aka Priyanka BassiTanya real name is Priyanka Bassi

Bobby Bedi aka Amit BehlBobby Bedi real name is Amit Behl

Tara Bedi aka Sushma Prakash Tara Bedi real name is Sushma Prakash

Surender aka Sudhir PandeySurender real name is Sudhir Pandey

Abhi aka Manoj BidwaiAbhi real name is Manoj Bidwai

Anil aka Ashish KaulAnil real name is Ashish Kaul

K.K. real name is Anupam Bhattacharya
Sarika real name is Anuradha Patel
Devyani real name is Reena Wadhwa
Priyanka maasi real name is Vaishnavi Mahant
Yana real name is Mailini Kapoor
Sameer real name is Vishal Watwani
Baba Kidnapper real name is Rocky Verma

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Brief Information and Details on Dekho Magar Pyar Se

  • First broadcast in: 2004
  • Last episode broadcast date: Not Available
  • Broadcast on: Star Plus
  • Total number of episodes broadcast: 176
  • Production House: Prime Channel & BAG Films
  • Director: Guroudev Bhall and Shrey Guleri
  • Running time: Twenty two minutes (approx.)

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Article last re-published on August 11, 2017.

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