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Dazzle and shine

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. A woman loves to be decked in jewels, and earrings are a staple in the jewellery box. Danglers, jhumkas, drops, or studs- every Indian woman wants to possess a massive collection of them to mix and match with every outfit. Diamond drop earrings are loved as they go well with any silhouette and are perfect for any occasion. Get to know more about the different styles of diamond drop earrings.

What are diamond drop earrings?

Well, the name pretty much sums up the meaning. Diamond drop earrings are ones that drop just below the earlobe. Some types are stationary, and some move a little bit. Most often, the earring is just one piece. Sometimes there is a diamond hanging at the bottom. These earrings are not very large, and because they need to carry the weight of the diamond, they are not very large. That makes it ideal for everyday use or occasions. Diamond drop earrings resemble dangle earrings and are sometimes called teardrop earrings.

Styles of diamond drop earrings

Inspired by different sources, these diamond earring patterns are something that you can possess in your closet, and that will seamlessly blend into the overall look of any outfit you adorn. A few of these designs you can choose from have been listed below.

  1. Traditional diamond drop earrings

The traditional patterns and styles of the Indian diaspora have proven to be an inspiration for almost anything from clothes, interior design to décor. Jewellery is no exception, and diamond drop earrings featuring traditional Indian patterns like carvings and grooves suit every occasion and outfit. Contrary to popular belief, they go well with western outfits and lend it a contemporary yet chic look.

  1. Mughal-style diamond drop earrings

Arabic designs and Mughal styles exude quaint elegance and regal appeal. Drawn from wall motifs and murals found in old paintings and palaces of Mughals, these signature pieces can be a cynosure of all eyes. Pair them with any outfit to enhance your entire ensemble by a notch.

  1. Geometric patterned diamond drop earrings

Geometric designs have a charm of their own. They are pure sets of resplendent aura when inscribed in earrings and engraved with diamonds. Shapes- square, diamonds, or circles have their appeal, and when they are lined with stones, especially a diamond, they get a new lease of life. Ideal for everyday use, these can effortlessly blend with any outfit.

  1. Chandelier-style diamond drop earrings

The chandelier that hangs on our ceiling has been a strong source of inspiration for designing earrings. If you don’t want something too jazzy but still want to maximise your glam quotient, diamond drop earrings featuring a slight drop like the chandelier on the ceiling are perfect for you.  

Sensationally dazzling and sophisticated, diamond drop earrings are perfect for accessorising and adding glamour to your outfit. With so many options to choose from, you can pick the one that suits your style and make it a part of your precious collection. Feel like a celebrity with sparkling bright and ethical diamond drop earrings.

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