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Criminal Minds Cast Real Names, All Characters Original Names with Photographs

Criminal Minds Cast Real Names with Photographs information and details has been provided here. Criminal Minds is the most popular thriller and crime drama in the United States. It was created by Jeff Davis and distributed by CBS Television Distribution. It was first premiered on 22nd September, 2005 and running till date when writing this article. Till date, almost nine seasons broadcast on CBS channel.

Criminal Minds Cast Real Names, All Characters Original Names with Photographs

Brief information and details on Criminal Minds TV Series

  • First episode: 22nd September, 2005
  • Last episode: Running till date
  • Approx. running time: 42 minutes
  • Broadcast on: CBS
  • Total numbers of seasons: Nine
  • Total numbers of episodes broadcast: 210

List of all characters in Criminal Minds with their original names and photographs.

Jason Gideon aka Mandy Patinkin Jason Gideon real name is Mandy Patinkin

Aaron Hotchner aka Thomas Gibson

Aaron Hotchner real name is Thomas Gibson

Elle Greenaway aka Lola Glaudini

Elle Greenaway real name is Lola Glaudini

Derek Morgan aka Shemar Moore

Derek Morgan real name is Shemar Moore

Dr. Spencer Reid aka Matthew Gray Gubler

Dr. Spencer Reid real name is Matthew Gray Gubler

Jennifer Jareau aka A. J. Cook

Jennifer Jareau real name is A. J. Cook

Penelope Garcia aka Kirsten Vangsness

Penelope Garcia real name is Kirsten Vangsness

Emily Prentiss aka Paget BrewsterEmily Prentiss real name is Paget Brewster

David Rossi real name is Joe Mantegna
Jordan Todd real name is Meta Golding
Ashley Seaver real name is Rachel Nichols
Alex Blake real name is Jeanne Tripplehorn.
Dr. Tara Lewis real name is Aisha Tyler
Luke Alvez real name is Adam Rodriguez
Stephen Walker real name is Damon Gupton
Matt Simmons real name is Daniel Henney.

Recurring Cast Real Names of Criminal Minds TV Series

Erin Strauss real name is Jayne Atkinson
Haley Hotchner real name is Meredith Monroe
Jessica Brooks real name is Molly Baker
Jordan Todd real name is Meta Golding
Diana Reid real name is Jane Lynch
William LaMontagne Jr. real name is Josh Stewart
Kevin Lynch real name is Nicholas Brendon.

Mateo Cruz real name is Esai Morales
Dr. Savannah Hayes real name is Rochelle Aytes
Joy Struthers real name is Amber Stevens.

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Article Title: Criminal Minds Cast Real Names, All Characters Original Names with Photographs
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