Content marketing tips for 2021

Are you struggling with content marketing? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this post we will share with you some secrets related to content marketing. Let’s dive deep and find the surface of content marketing for 2021 with the tips. (

Find inspiration with keywords

When you are sitting in front of a screen and looking in vain for an idea, you can, according to a structured principle, stimulate your creativity: with, for example, Google Search Console which conducts an analysis based on the keywords that your customers use to get to your site. Also, if your customers regularly ask questions about your product types but none of your articles answer them, fill in the gap. With the keyword planning tool on Google Adwords or even on Google Trends, examine which questions come up most often in your industry.

Talk to your customers

Who other than your customers knows best the issues that affect them and the information they need? As part of your content marketing , you can talk to your customers personally or over the phone. Help yourself with this from your account manager. Small notes, like for example on Evernote, are more than necessary. You can also speak directly with your customers and publish the report on your blog or as a testimonial on your website. Let’s take Facebook as an example. If You are active on this platform, then you should talk with your audience-customers. You can add more followers on your Facebook page. Buy facebook page likes to make the algorithm assure that you’ve good engagement rate.

Structure your ideas

Here’s another principle to stimulate your creativity in the event of a breakdown: create an online list with all of your team members so that everyone can write notes. Whenever you come across interesting articles, you can easily share, collect and organize them through Storify or Evernote. For anyone craving interesting daily reading: Google Alerts is your friend.

Save time with tools 

The content creation process ranges from brainstorming and publishing, documenting, writing, creating illustrations, and proofreading. This process is easier to manage when it is supported by software. Try for example Evernote or Trello, It is very possible in content marketing to quickly lose control over the organization of its topics and over the planning.

Find your article titles with your team

Generating leads in marketing involves a multi-stage conversion process. Thanks to your content and your marketing strategy, leads gradually turn into customers, then into loyal customers. The title of your article plays an essential role right from the start: it determines how many people will click on your article and read the first few lines. Your content strategy only works when you have a headline that piques the reader’s curiosity. To inspire each other, you can create with your team members a list of article titles that generally arouse the interest of readers (for example: “10 tips for …” or “For and against …” ).


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