CLT panels: eco friendly and practically

CLT panels

Cross Laminated Timber , CLT panels, is transformed from an exclusive novelty into a fresh standard of construction. This benefits both nature and consumers, because in addition to the obvious environmental friendliness of the material, cross laminated timber cost is much less than conventional substitutes. This is due to many factors, so let’s look at them in more detail.

Houses with CLT panels: a lot of benefits

Transversely glued wood is able to withstand heavy loads, distributing them evenly over the entire surface. Therefore, CLT boards are suitable even for the construction of houses on several floors, and the material is suitable not only for walls but also for the construction of floors, i.e. the ceiling and floor can also be made of CLT boards.

However, the weight of the plate is much less than that of metal or concrete. The difference is about 30%, and therefore the requirements for the construction of the foundation are also reduced. In turn, this makes the project more economical.

The wooden board is cut immediately to meet the needs of a specific architectural project, which means that there is less waste in the construction process, and all the material is used for its intended purpose. So, if you like the smell and cleanliness of wood, but also care about the fact that the structure looks aesthetically pleasing, strong, and meets all standards, CLT panels – this is exactly what you need.

CLT panels qualities and features

CLT panels are not only a profitable solution but also technically sound. This follows from the features of the material itself:

  • The plate can withstand heavy loads, so it can withstand significant seismic tests (school earthquakes up to 8.5 points).
  • Due to special treatment, the material is not damaged by fungus and pests.
  • The stove has high fire performance, fire resistance is achieved due to the massiveness of the stove and impregnation with flame retardants.
  • Excellent sound insulation is another reason to choose the material for the main walls and floors of the CLT panel. The material absorbs noise, so if the highway or airport is nearby, using CLT plates will have another nice bonus for you – you will not be bothered by the sound coming from outside.

Implement the boldest architectural solutions and be sure – your construction project will be successful and will withstand any operating conditions.

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