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Cinema HD For Firestick

To give life to a still functional TV but without Smart functions, you have decided to buy a Fire TV Stick, the now-famous Amazon key which. Once connected to an HDMI port on the TV and the Wi-Fi network. Allows you to access a wide range of apps and online content. After carrying out the initial configuration, you enjoyed exploring the “standard” apps on the device. And you know that others can be installed as well. But you can’t quite understand how. Being afraid of “making trouble,” you, therefore, started looking for a step-by-step guide on the subject. And you ended up here, on my site. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about cinema HD for firestick.

If this is indeed the case, I am happy to let you know that you are in the right place. At a time, that could not have been better! In the following bars of this tutorial. I will show you in detail Cinema HD for firestick, both by taking them from the Fire OS store (i.e., the operating system on the Amazon key) and loading them from smartphones, tablets, and PCs. In APK format.

So, what are you still doing standing there? Make yourself comfortable. Please take a few minutes of free time for yourself and carefully read everything I have to explain to you on the subject. I’m sure that, at the end of reading this guide. 

Cinema HD For Firestick: Preliminary 

Cinema HD For Firestick

To install apps on the Cinema HD for firestick. Either by taking them from the internal storage of the device or by uploading them via APK. Of course, the same must be previously connected to the Internet. Generally, this happens during the first configuration of the Fire TV Stick: after turning it on and connected to the TV. After that, it is sufficient to press the Play / Pause button on the remote control. And follow the instructions on the screen. Finally, connect the device to the Wi-Fi network and then log in with your Amazon account.

To learn more about the physical installation and the first start of the Fire TV Stick. I refer you to reading my in-depth study dedicated to the audiovisual device of the Amazon house. If, on the other hand, you need to reconnect the “key” to the Internet. Because, for example, you have changed the name or password of the Wi-Fi network. Proceed as follows:

  1. Press the Home button on the Fire TV Stick remote control (the one a house shape ).
  2. Press the top button of the directional wheel until the Home item is highlighted (top).
  3. Move to the right until you select the Settings item and press the central button on the remote control.

Now, select the Network icon, move to the Wi-Fi network’s name to connect to (if you do not see the network of your interest, first select the item See all networks ) and, after pressing the central button on the remote control again. Enter the password using the on-screen keyboard and press the Done button to establish the connection.

Cinema HD For Firestick: install apps on Amazon Fire Stick

The simplest way to install apps on the Amazon Cinema HD for firestick is to use the device’s internal storage. There are over 4,000 apps to be added to those already present “standard” on the Fire TV Stick. (Zolpidem) To view the entire catalog of apps, press the top button of the directional wheel on the remote control several times. Then, select the Applications item and press the central button on the remote control.

Now you can view the list of apps available based on the recommended contents. For example, the categories they belong to (e.g., Communications, Photos, Music, Videos, and so on) or view only the games. Then, using the items available at the top; Press the central button on the remote control to select it and view the summary sheet. Similarly, select and press the Receive button to download and install the app.

Once the download is complete, the applications become available on the Home screen of the device. In the My Games and applications section. If you have second thoughts. You can uninstall an app by selecting its icon on the Home screen, pressing the key on the remote control. And choosing the Uninstall option from the menu that appears on the right. To reposition an app further forward (or further back) than the others. Call up the menu seen above and choose, this time, the Move option.

I’ll give you that. Then, if you wish, you can search for applications to install even under the name. To do that, go to the screen Home Fire TV Stick (press-shaped button Home on the remote control) opens the main menu using the directional wheel on the remote control. Now, press the central button on the remote control. 

Cinema HD APK Download – DIRECT

Cinema HD For Firestick: install APK on Fire Stick

The store integrated into the Amazon Fire TV Stick is well stocked with applications of all kinds but, if you don’t find the one that’s right for you, you can proceed with the installation of “external” apps to the store via APK files: you need to know that the operating system on the Amazon device (called Fire OS ) is based on Android and, consequently, allows you to install the same apps available for the Google operating system.

Before proceeding, however, it is good that you know that not all Android apps are compatible with Fire OS and with viewing on TV, so manually loaded APK files may have unexpected behavior or, in the worst case, not work. At all.

If you want to proceed anyway, I suggest you use an app for Android smartphones and tablets, called Apps2Fire and available both on the Play Store and on devices that do not have it, through which to load and install APK files (both already installed on Android, both downloaded from the Internet) directly on the Amazon key. For everything to go smoothly, get the APK file to install in advance (if necessary) and connect your smartphone or tablet to the same Wi-Fi network that the Fire TV Stick uses.

Cinema HD For Firestick install

Cinema HD For Firestick: Developer options

Now, select the Developer options item from the menu that appears later, press the central button. Next, on the remote control again and, in the same way, select the Debug ADB item and move the lever placed in its correspondence from OFF to ON. Therefore repeat the same operation on the item Applications from unknown sources, confirm that you want to proceed by pressing the Power button. 

Now, switch to the Android smartphone/tablet, download Apps2Fire. By going to the appropriate area of ​​the reference store of your device and tapping the Install button. And then start the app by tapping the Open button. Once you reach the Apps2Fire welcome screen, tap the item I agree. Next, tap the Setup tab and then the Search button on the Fire TV. To start the automatic search for the Fire TV Sticks available on the network.

Please wait for the application to detect the Amazon device and tap its name to add it to the app. After a few moments, a request for authorization for USB debugging should appear on the TV screen. When this happens, using the remote control. Check the box next to the item. Always allow from this computer and press the OK button. To authorize communication between the two devices.

After this step, too, return to the Android device, tap the OK, Done, and Save buttons. And proceed with sending and installing the app you want: to load an APK file previously saved in memory. Touch the arrow symbol upwards located in the upper right corner of the app. Tap the Done button and allow Apps2Fire to access the memory of your smartphone or tablet.

Cinema HD For Firestick: Developer options Part 2

Using the next screen, navigate through the folders on the device to locate the APK package. To install, tap on its name and then on the Install button, to conclude everything. If, on the other hand, you want to transfer an APK file installed on the device. You are operating from, select the Local Apps tab, and touch the application’s name to transfer. And touch the Install button to finish.

Again, the installed app will be accessible from the My games and applications section of the Fire TV Stick’s Home. If necessary, press the View All button to show the entire list of installed applications. In case you do not have an Android smartphone or, in any case. You find the procedure just described uncomfortably. I want to point out that in the Amazon key store, you will find apps like Downloader. Which allow you to download APK files on Fire TV Stick unknown sources in the device settings) simply by typing its URL.

 Install apps on FireStick from PC

Cinema HD For Firestick

Suppose you prefer to install IPTV apps on Cinema HD for firestick(or other applications not available in the Fire OS internal store) from your computer. In that case, my advice is to take advantage of ADB, the official Google tool designed to perform operations on Android-based devices directly. From your computer, including sending and installing APK files (called sideloading ).

Also, in this case, it is essential that the computer and the Fire TV Stick are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and that USB debugging. And the installation of apps from unknown sources has been previously enabled on the latter device. Furthermore, you must necessarily get the IP address of the Fire TV Stick: to do this, go to the Settings menu > My Fire TV> Fire OS Information and select the Network item to get the information you are looking for

Now, you need to download the ADB software: it is included in Android Studio. The Android development suite is available for Windows, macOS, and computers; for simplicity, we will use a “minimal” version. Which contains only the bare essentials for the functioning of ADB. To obtain it, if you are using a computer with a Windows operating system, click on this link; if, on the other hand, yours is a Mac, you have to use this other link. Now, extract the downloaded package in a folder of your choice (e.g., on the desktop) and copy, in the same directory, the APK file to send to the Fire TV Stick.


After this step, if you use Windows, open the Command Prompt calling it from the Start menu > Windows System; if, on the other hand, you are operating from Mac, start a Terminal calling it from the menu Go> Utilities of macOS (top).

From this moment on, the procedures are the same: first, issue the command cd percorso_cartella_adb, followed by pressing the Enter key, to position yourself in the folder that hosts the ADB files; for example, if you have saved the folder on the Windows desktop, you must issue the command cd %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\platform-tools; if, on the other hand, you have stored it on the macOS desktop, you have to type the command cd ~/Desktop/platform-tools.

Now, connect the computer to the Fire TV Stick, issue the command adb connect IndirizzoIPFireStick(e.g., ADB connect, Press the Enter key, and necessary. Next, confirm the communication between the devices by pressing the Allow button on the Fire TV Stick screen. Finally, to verify that the connection is successful, type the command adbdevicesafterwards, always followed by pressing the Enter key.

We are almost there: now, to load the APK file on the Fire TV Stick and install it, issue the command name of the APK file (together with its extension) that you had previously copied for app_name.apk, and press the Enter key .adb install nome_app.apk, replacing app_name.

Note: On Mac, you must always precede the command with adb the string ./(e.g., ./adb connect

Following this operation, the uploading of the file will start and, subsequently, the same will be installed on the Amazon device; generally, this takes a couple of minutes at the most. At the end of the procedure, you will see the message Success appear on the computer screen, which signifies that the app’s upload and installation were successful. 

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