Choosing The Perfect Size Of Men’s Wedding Rings 

Men’s Wedding Rings 

If you are the groom and planning to tie the knot soon, the chances are that you have already completed a lot of shopping for clothes and other stuff. However, when it comes to shopping for a wedding band, the overwhelming feeling is hard to go away. The shopping process for the wedding band is enjoyable and stressful at the same time and the best thing is that you can sort the issue from the comfort of home without stepping into a jewelry shop. Another aspect that takes time is deciding the size of the ring. What are the significant things to consider when selecting the size of men’s wedding rings? 

There are plenty of ways to determine the size of the ring but checking the aspects below can help.

  • To find out an appropriate ring size, you can check using a sizing tool or a ring sizer.
  • Measuring the size of the existing ring can also help you make a selection quickly, especially if your engagement ring is only a few months old.
  • You must refrain from using a string or paper to measure the size of the finger as both the materials can change shape or stretch making the measurement inappropriate.
  • Regardless of the type of ring you want to measure, considering the inner diameter of the band is necessary. 
  • Choosing a measuring stick replicating the size of the ring is a better choice if you want the size of the ring to be more accurate.
  • Measuring the finger of the man to wear the ring and comparing it with the sizing chart can help you make a better decision. 

If you are not comfortable using the sizing tools or no too much eager to compare the size of the existing ring with the sizing chart, visiting a jewelry store is a better choice. The executives at the store can measure the size of the finger appropriately and let you access the collections available in your size. 

Exploring other options

As far as measuring the finger size is concerned, you can select several methods. The more accurate the size is, the better it is for the band to fit.  Here is what you need to know about measuring the size of the ring.

  • The size of the fingers change several times throughout the day.
  • Often, you may find the fingers swelled up a bit in the morning and attien the normal size during the day.
  • You are more likely to have swelled fingers in warm weather and shrinking fingers in cold weather, so beware of choosing the size for the wedding ring.
  • For men engaged in excessive physical activity, the size of fingers can expand. 
  • The effective time to assess the size of the ring is at day end when the fingers usually have the right size.

When you choose men’s wedding rings, remember to select a size that allows the ring to slide through the fingers easily. On the other hand, it should not have a loose fit. Generally, the ring should slide comfortably after two or three attempts. Before buying the ring, go through the men’s wedding band collections at to make the right choice.


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