Cheer Star Jerry Harris Arrested for Promoting Child Pornography

Cheer star Jerry Harris Arrested for promoting Child Pornography
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Cheer star Jerry Harris arrested after soliciting in child pornography. Honchos at Netflix reported that the company is in shock after hearing about the allegations. They said that abuse of any form to minors is a crime, and they respect the legal proceedings necessary for it.

Cheer star Jerry Harris Arrested

According to reports, Jerry Harris has been detained until the following Monday, as reported by Fitzpatrick. He did not have to enter a plea as per September 17.

Jerry Harris rose to fame from the cheerleading docuseries on Netflix named Cheer. It has been arrested due to associating himself with child pornography.

Harris was arrested on September 17, from Illinois, and is alleged to produce child porn. He is standing up against Joseph D. Fitzpatrick, Assistant US Attorney.

FBI was investigating Jerry for soliciting minors back during May 2019. However, the criminal charges against him record asking teens for photos sent to him.

According to reports, parents of two male children of 14 claim that Jerry had contacted them online. They said that he was asking for child porn videos and images. He allegedly started doing this from December 2018.

The minors gave proof through several screenshots of their conversations through text messages and Snapchat. They also reported having FaceTime calls with the cheerleader.

As per the complaint, Harris was 19 back then, and the boys were 13. According to the feds, Harris attempted sexual acts with the boys several times and also during his cheerleading events.

According to the criminal complaint, Jerry gave an interview on September 14, and admitted to engaging in conversation with minors over social media. He also said that those conversations were sexual. He attempted to perform sex acts with them and solicit receiving child porn over Snapchat from 10-15 minors.

Above all these, two victims have sued Jerry Harris, claiming that he groomed them into sending nude images and asked for sexual favors.

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