Bh Se Bhade Cast Real Names with Photographs

Bh Se Bhade
Bh Se Bhade

Bh Se Bhade Cast Real Names with Photographs information and details has been provided here. Bh Se Bhadey is another Indian Television drama and comedy TV serial by J D Majethia and Aatish Kapadia. It was first aired on 26th October, 2013 on Zee TV.

Story was created by Hats Off Productions and written by Aatish Kapadia. Main characters are Deven Bhojani, Sarita Joshi, Suchita Trivedi, Gulfam Khan and Varun Khandelwal. It is being popular among Zee TV viewers.

Story is mostly around Mr. Bhadrakant Devilal Bhande who is 55 years old man. He has special quality of taking other people’s problems on himself. He takes any types of problems, even pregnancy from another women. He has super special quality of taking problems/issues on himself.

Brief Information on Bh Se Bhade

  • First episode: 26th October, 2013
  • Last episode: 16th February, 2014
  • Produced by: Aatish Kapadia and J.D. Majethia
  • Total number of episodes broadcast: 33
  • Production House: Hats Off Productions

Bh Se Bhade Cast Real Names with Photographs

Deven Bhojani as BhadeBhade real name is Deven Bhojani

Varun Khandelwal as SunilSunil (Bhade’s son) real name is Varun Khandelwal

Bhavna Khatri as MenakaMenaka (Bhade’s daughter in law) real name is Bhavna Khatri

Sushma Bhade aka Suchita TrivediSushma Bhade (Bhade’s wife) real name is Suchita Trivedi

Lata aka Gulfam KhanLata real name is Gulfam Khan

Chunky aka Dushyant WaghChunky real name is Dushyant Wagh

Babli (Monica's friend) aka Moorti Persaud Bhimsen Ganguly (Bhade’s boss) real name is Atul Parchure

Monica real name is Shivangi Singh
Babli (Monica’s friend) real name is Moorti Persaud
Kalyani (Bhade’s mother in law) real name is Sarita Joshi

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Article Title: Bh Se Bhade Cast Real Names with Photographs
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