Built by Gamers Recognizes BSV’s Ability to Set It Apart from Other eSports Organizations

Other eSports Organizations

Blockchain technology has come a long way since Bitcoin, its first ever functioning implementation, was created in 2008 and launched in 2009. However, it has only been in recent years that the full potential of blockchain is being recognized and realized by many, especially with the increasing use of digital currencies, smart contracts and NFTs, Other eSports Organizations

Blockchain technology is actually capable of improving systems and processes and Other eSports Organizations resolving age-old problems that have plagued digital structures when scaled to be able to accommodate the world’s data needs. 

While the use of blockchain is far from becoming mainstream, many pioneering companies from across many different types of industries have capitalized on its powerful capabilities, and Built by Gamers, an eSports organization based in North America, is one of them. eSports on blockchain is the next big thing that gamers will for Other eSports Organizations.

Built by Gamers Chooses BSV

There are many more popular blockchain providers out there, such as BTC and ETH. However, Built by Gamers has chosen to go with BSV because it believes that it will set it apart from other eSports organizations. 

“Ultimately, for us, the utility of what blockchain can do is what’s critical. Also, I would say the community involved is critical as well. If you have a community that’s not growing, that’s not robust, that’s not investing, it would have been very challenging for us to stake our ground and put our efforts into this. All of those things led us to the BSV blockchain,” Chief Marketing Officer of Built by Gamers, Tyler Farnsworth, said in an interview.

This is because the BSV blockchain has restored the original Bitcoin protocol that makes for a solid foundation developers can build on and has also allowed for limitless scaling to be unlocked. Developers will not have to concern themselves over protocol changes that means having to adjust to these changes, downtime and additional cost or loss of revenue.

“The BSV ecosystem really unlocks our ability to achieve our goals. So as an esports organization, we want to engage fans, create loyal communities of fans, give them unique experiences. That’s what will set us apart from our competitors in the industry. The BSV blockchain really unlocks things that haven’t existed before,” Built by Gamers Strategic Advisor Taylor Searle explained. 

With limitless scaling, eSports on blockchain is more than just doable. This is because scaling means being able to grow the data block size and increase throughput as needed to be able to efficiently accommodate increasing amounts of data and a higher number of transactions per second (tps).

To put it numbers, while BTC is stuck at 1MB data blocks and a throughput of only seven tps at a current average fee of $1.55 per transaction, and ETH is at most 70 tps at a current average fee of $20.88 per transaction, BSV miners are already preparing to increase block size to 4GB with up to 50,000 tps at fees of very small fractions of a cent per transaction.

This is what Searle means when he said, “The BSV blockchain really unlocks things that haven’t existed before.” Because the technology is more than efficient to accommodate enterprise-grade data needs at a very affordable price—an amount that cannot be felt when processing transactions individually—it can make way for next-generation platforms and applications to be created. 

Plans for the Future

After having found a powerful blockchain that suits its requirements, Built by Gamers can now focus on innovation and doing what it is best at, which is creating a more interactive and fun experience for both gamers and fans. 

“Gamification of the fan experience is the thing I love to point at. We really live in an era of gamification where everything is about levelling up, about challenging yourself. And so, if we can give fans a way to be gamers themselves as they are fans of gamers, we can create an ecosystem. The blockchain really unlocks that in ways that just haven’t existed in history,” Searle revealed. 

Gamification isn’t inherently something exclusive to just blockchain, but the thing the blockchain really enables us to do is global leaderboards. Imagine a leaderboard with a top 10 list of superfans based on how fast they react to our social media posts, whether they engage in sponsorship events, come to live events and get extra bonus points,” Searle added. 

Imagine the massive amount of data needed to tally a global leaderboard that involves not only gaming data, but also a measure of social media posts and other activities of fans from all over the world. And imagine if each transaction costs over $20 each. It will not be feasible at all. This is why it can only be done on a scalable blockchain. 

As the network scales to continuously accommodate bigger blocks and more transactions, the technology gets better each time. The same goes with levelling up the gaming  and Online Cricket Betting ID experience. So, Built by Gamers on the BSV blockchain is a perfect match. 

“Being a bit better each day, levelling up, finding ways to improve. I think that at a core, that’s what a gamer is. It’s not just the act of playing the game, but it’s being a bit better each and every day,” Farnsworth pointed out. 

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