Black T-Shirts Pair With Everything: Myth Or Truth?

Black T-Shirts Pair

A black tee is one of those classic men’s wardrobe staples we often forget we have until there’s a fashion emergency. It’s slick, simple, unassuming, and that perfect layering piece we reach for when in doubt. Summer or winter, legend has it that the black T-shirts pair and works pretty much with anything. But is that actually true?

Versions of the black t-shirt

First, let’s quickly review the types of black T-shirts. There are your trusty crewnecks, stylish V-necks, and of course, Henleys and Polos. 

But then there’s also the fit and the fabric of the tee. 

You’ve got the slim fit (tight and snug), regular fit (every shirt you wore since age 12), and baggy fit (remember the 90s?). 

Lastly, let’s not forget the fabric. While cotton tees are the ultimate classic, today, you’ve got some great blend options like the black crew neck t-shirts by, as well as linen or merino wool.

What can you pair it with?

One simple black tee can come in different shapes and sizes, which opens many doors for styling it.

Fashion stylists give these simple tips for styling different fit tees with your bottoms: slim-fit t-shirts work best with slim-fit bottoms, regular ones, and baggy tees work well with both slim and baggy trousers or shorts.

And now, let’s see, what specific clothing can we pair our black tee with and see whether it really works with everything.

With a jacket and a blazer

There’s plenty of evidence that a black t-shirt looks great paired with a blazer, sports jacket, denim jacket, and even a leather jacket. 

Justin Theroux is one of the perfect examples of how denim and leather can look super stylish with a simple fit black t-shirt. He just looks so chic yet super relaxed! 

So that’s a yes. A black tee does look good with a jacket and a blazer.

With a cardigan 

Cardigan and a button-up shirt? Probably not, unless you’re dressing up as a nerdy college professor for Halloween. Cardigan and a black tee? All hail the sexy teacher! 

The great thing is that you can choose whichever color or pattern of your cardigan, it will all look perfect with a black t-shirt. 

With an unbuttoned shirt 

The look of wearing an unbuttoned shirt over your tee was recently resurrected, and the easiest way to look good in it is by choosing a black t-shirt as the base. 

It’s casual yet still, put together, and that’s the dream combo! 

With denim trousers 

Okay, this one’s easy because jeans and a black t-shirt is one of the most classic looks of all time. 

Hollywood hunks from Brad Pitt to Ryan Reynolds to Chris Hemsworth love this combination, and it’s easy to see why! 

We recommend pairing a slick shirt with washed-off blue jeans for a casual look, or opt for dark denim if you’re going someplace more formal (add a blazer, and you’re ready for dinner). 

With chinos or slacks

But what about chinos or slacks? Don’t mind if we do. We only have two recommendations. The first is to opt for high-quality fabric and slim-fit when choosing your black tee. 

Second, avoid shoes like monk straps or other dress shoes because you want balance. Go for sneakers or boat shoes.

With joggers

This one is for the athleisure fans: your black T-shirts pair and will elevate your whole outfit if you pair it with fitted joggers. 

But even if you like a looser fit, you can create a fantastic street look with an oversized black t-shirt and your baggy bottoms.

The last test: with a suit 

Can the modest tee be paired even with this formal attire? Well, the men‘s fashion Bible GQ said so over four years ago and called it a blessing to the workday suit. 

Millions of men rejoiced and set their stuffy button-ups aside in the search for freedom! 

The conclusion 

I think we’ve made a pretty good case for the black t-shirts pair with everything, and it’s safe to say that with the exception of a tux, it’s clear that black tees definitely pair with anything! 

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