Binaural hearing aids: Why use two medical devices?

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Many people think of hearing loss as part of an age-related disability. A lot of people treat it as a life-safe inconvenience and ignore it. They don’t realize how much hearing loss can affect a person’s health, including mental abilities. Every year, scientists find more and more links between hearing loss and cognitive diseases, including dementia. Their recommendations are unequivocal. We should test our hearing health regularly, at least once a year. If a hearing test shows a hearing loss, immediate treatment is necessary. Today, the most effective and comfortable way to regain the ability to hear is to wear binaural hearing aids every day!

What are binaural hearing aids?

First, let’s review the basic terms. Binaural hearing aids are the correction of hearing loss using two high-tech medical devices.

With symmetrical or nearly identical hearing loss in both ears, two hearing aids are needed. It is our nature to hear with both ears. Our entire auditory system is “tuned” to receive sounds from both sides. Otherwise, perception suffers.

Sounds coming from the right side are 70% processed in the left hemisphere and vice versa. It allows us to navigate in a multi-sound world, understand speech in noise, and hear well.

What happens if you use one hearing aid instead of two? You’ll be less able to perceive sounds and distinguish between speech and noise. In addition, you won’t always be able to tell where the sound is coming from.

For example, your interlocutor is on the side of the ear without a hearing aid. It’ll take time for the sounds to “circle” your head and reach a hearing aid. It takes milliseconds, but a person with hearing loss will feel that difference anyway. It feels a little delayed.

What are the advantages of binaural hearing aids?

Do you have hearing loss? Does a hearing care professional recommends you start using two devices at once? You don’t have to make something up! Follow all of the professional’s recommendations, even if someone advises you to wear only 1 device to save money. Don’t believe this false information. You’ll only get the maximum effect if you use more than one device!

A hearing care professional will find the right model for you. All you have to do is choose and buy your hearing aids. There are hearing aids for sale in audiology clinics. In short, you’ll have no problem buying medical devices! Wearing two hearing aids better stimulates the auditory centers in your brain. Here are some of the benefits.

Reducing the adaptation period

Is this your first time wearing hearing aids? Then you’ll need some time to get used to them. It is called an adjustment period. It takes our brain 2-4 weeks to get used to the new sound environment, and it depends on different factors. For example, binaural prosthetics shorten this time.

Comfort in difficult acoustic situations

People who use two hearing aids are less likely to be stressed in difficult acoustic situations. You’ll hear the most important things in noisy places. There won’t be any extraneous and distracting noises. You’ll be able to focus exactly on what’s interesting to you.

Precise localization of the sound source

Binaural instruments allow you to localize the sound source and determine the distance to it (for example, to determine from which side a car is approaching).

Better sound quality

Two hearing aids provide better sound quality. Users note that sounds are of higher quality in two hearing aids than in one. It is especially evident in noisy environments and when talking to multiple people.

Reduction of tinnitus symptoms

Many patients with hearing loss suffer from tinnitus. Binaural hearing aids have the maximum effect of masking out subjective tinnitus. According to research, 50% of people with this problem report an improvement when using two hearing aids.

The minor strain on the auditory system

Binaural hearing aids maintain an adequate load on the auditory system. It allows you to restore and maintain your ability to actively analyze speech. A hearing aid is more than just a listening aid. It is an effective “trainer” for the central speech intelligibility centers.

Can I give up two devices?

Surprisingly, some Americans refuse to use two hearing aids. What are the reasons for the refusals? They are:

  • The desire to save money
  • Desire to hide hearing problems (one hearing aid is easier to hide)
  • The habit of using one hearing aid

The Hearing Care Professional cannot force you to do anything against your will. The doctor only makes recommendations based on hearing test results. Only you make the final decision.

Do you care about your health and want to get the most out of your medical devices? Then follow your audiologist’s recommendations. If the professional recommends two devices, wear two devices at once. Don’t play with your hearing health! It is a sensitive sense organ. It plays an important role in life!

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