Bigg Boss 9 Host confirmed: Salman Khan will host this season

It is the breaking news for all the fans of Salman Khan and Bigg Boss. Before the few days ago, there was so much rumour that Salman Khan is not interested or giving name of Shahrukh Khan as the host of Bigg Boss season 9. Now, Salman Khan name is confirmed that he is going to host eighth season of reality TV show Bigg Boss 9.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Who has confirmed this news? This news was confirmed by Salman Khan himself by promoting Bigg Boss 9’s trailer on several TV channels as well as other news sources. It is known that before releasing the final details of Bigg Boss each year, trailer is released including information on theme, release date and final contestants in Bigg Boss.

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Salman Khan was the host of Bigg Boss reality TV show for five seasons. He has also started rumours that Shahrukh Khan may be next host of the Bigg Boss reality show on Colors. Now, all these rumours are worthless because Salman Khan himself going to host Bigg Boss Season 9, one of the most awaited TV reality show in India.

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In the previous month, Salman Khan had said “There is a possibility (that I may host the upcoming season of ‘Bigg Boss’) and there is no possibility also.” This becomes the headlines because he has already hosted Bigg Boss reality show five times and why he is denying to become the host? Now, there is no tension for the fans of Salman Khan.

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Article last re-published on October 8, 2015.

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