How to become a technically improved guitar player?

technically improved guitar player

When we talk about musical instruments the guitar might arguably be the most popular one. It’s something we can find in every other household mainly because it’s easily available as well as portable. Some might also argue that it is one of those rare musical instruments that are easier to learn compared to other complex instruments. Maybe because of that people tend to learn to play the guitar all by themselves instead of opting for a teacher. In the process of which they pick up some ill habits that are pretty hard to shake off and also degrade their guitar playing skills. Read on to find how to become a guitar player who is technically improved.

Why is technique paramount?

Every guitar player irrespective of their genre takes good care of one thing other than their guitar, their technique. Playing great guitar requires some good intent, thorough practice and application of sound technique. In fact, mastering your technique is one of the most proficient ways of playing the guitar right. So, before you jump online and browse through Artist Guitars Coupons & Promo Codes or Deal Voucherz Or to get the perfect deals for buying your guitar, read the following guidelines.

Useful tips to become a guitar player by mastering your playing technique

  1. Practice both standing and sitting

Both postures of playing the guitar need to be practiced simply because you may have to play the guitar standing in front of a crowd someday. You cannot afford to mess that up. Also, when you are able to play both ways you can claim to have a complete control over the physicality of the guitar and its musical nuances.

  1. Stay away from the death grip
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Beginners will associate pretty strongly with the Death grip where you hang your thumb over the fretboard to relieve yourself off the pain caused by pressing the string too hard. This results in you pressing the string with the flat part of the fingers instead of their tips. This death grip restricts your movement to a large extent and also lessens your fingers reach. It would be best to avoid it from the very beginning.

  1. Using the Metronome

One of the best practices while learning to play the guitar is doing it with a metronome. It might appear difficult at first but once you start reaping the benefits, you would have heightened your sense of timing and rhythm. Start slow with your beats per minute (bpm) count set low. Then slowly increase your tempo once you realize that you are able to play unmistakably at the current one.

  1. Use correct fingering

Correct fingering is the key to playing chords and scales perfectly on the guitar. Pay proper attention to placing the correct fingers on the correct frets of the guitar for playing each chord and scale. 

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