Anamika TV Series Cast Real Names with Images

Anamika TV Series
Anamika TV Series

Anamika TV Series Cast Real Names with Images information and details has been provided here. It was first aired on 26th November, 2012 and went off air on 13th September, 2013 after completion of 206 episodes on Sony TV. It was produced by Vikas Seth and Mahesh Pandey under the banner of Trishula Productions.

In this post, we have provided details and information about cast real names of Anamika TV Series with photographs. So, let’s see!

Fast Facts About Anamika TV Series

  • First episode: 26th November, 2012
  • Last episode: 13th September, 2013
  • Total number of episodes: 206
  • Produced by: Mahesh Pandey and Vikas Seth
  • Shooting location: India
  • Production House: Trishula Productions
  • Broadcast on: Sony TV

Anamika TV Series Cast Real Names with Images

Anamika Jeet Saluja aka Simran KaurAnamika Jeet Saluja / Chandralekha real name is Simran Kaur

Jeet Saluja aka Mudit NayarJeet Saluja real name is Mudit Nayar

Rano Jeet Saluja aka Annie GillRano Jeet Saluja real name is Annie Gill

Chhavi Jeet Saluja aka Shivani SurveChhavi Jeet Saluja real name is Shivani Surve

Bebe/Harmeet Saluja aka Madhu MaltiBebe/Harmeet Saluja real name is Madhu Malti

Pratap Saluja aka Deepak DuttaPratap Saluja real name is Deepak Dutta

Balraj Saluja aka Hemant ChadhaBalraj Saluja real name is Hemant Chadha

Pushpa Pratap Saluja aka Sonika GillPushpa Pratap Saluja real name is Sonika Gill

Ritu Walia real name is Namrata Dhamija
Guddi Walia real name is Anisha Vora
Jasleen Balraj Saluja real name is Sonia Kaur
Inspector Abhay real name is Manmohan Tiwari
Paatalika real name is Savita Bajaj
Anand Kumar real name is Pushkar Goggiaa

Where to Watch Old Episodes of Anamika TV Series

To watch old episodes / all episodes of Anamika TV Series, please visit the official YouTube channel of Sony TV.

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