Alex Trebek Released New Memoir Right Before Turning 80 Years Old

Alex Trebek released New Memoir right before turning 80 years old

At around 12:11 pm PT on July 22, Alex Trebek clarified a quote written in his book. It was about stopping cancer treatment if one doesn’t seem to get positive treatment. He informed that he had written it before the current regimen and that he was going through a bad time when he wrote that. He also spoke about his current treatment. Alex said that if it doesn’t work, it will return to the previous chemotherapy but not stop treatment completely. Further, the man apologized because of the confusion his statement created. He wants everyone to know that he is positive about his current plan and thanked people for their concern.

Alex Trebek is best known as the host of Jeopardy! Which has crossed 36 years and still goes on. The show has reached a huge milestone as the man celebrated his 80th birthday. The man turned 80-year-old just after releasing his new memoir. It is named The Answer Is…: Reflections On My Life. The memoir includes his constant fight with stage four of pancreatic cancer after being diagnosed with the disease one year back.

Alex Trebek battling with cancer at 80

Trebek is a legend who has continued to host game shows while going through his cancer treatment. he is an inspiration to millions of people who are battling cancer right now. The celebrity opened up this week and said that he is going through experimental cancer treatment. He also said that it will be his last treatment. He also mentioned that he has gone through other treatments that were difficult. The man discussed his choices of treatments with his family and came down to the conclusion is working on right now.

Alex has hosted 8,132 episodes across 36 years and says that he plans to continue all along. He said that when he eventually does get replaced, a person who can do a good job is Betty White, his old friend. While joking, Trebek said that from 2018, his friend has been wanting to replace him.

It is pretty evident that the man is a powerhouse of strength and an epitome of inspiration. He can laugh and joke all the time, and he has always been jolly. We wish Alex is in good health and his treatment works for him.

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