Aisa Des Hai Mera Cast Real Names with Photographs

Rusty Deol aka Saumya Tandon

Aisa Des Hai Mera cast real names with photographs information and details has been provided here. Aisa Des Hai Mera is the drama TV serial on Sony TV channel. It was first aired on 2006 and went off air in the same year. It was broadcast every Monday and Thursday on 9 PM. It was directed by Lekh Tandon, Rajesh Sethi and Jitu Arora. This show was produced by Manish R. Goswmi.

Brief information and detail on Aisa Des Hai Mera TV Series

  • First Episode: 2006
  • Last Episode: 2006
  • Produced By: Manish R. Goswami
  • Directors: Lekh Tendon, Jitu Arora and Rajesh Sethi
  • Total numbers of episode broadcast: 139


In this TV serial, a girl named Rusty, who is born in the upper middle class family. Rusty was living separately from her divorced mother and drunk father.

After knowing the truth, Rusty decided to visit Punjab in search of her family. In the last, Rusty finds her family in the state of Punjab. Rusty’s mother was not accepting her as her daughter. In the last, Rusty create a space for herself in the family and accepted by the all members.

So, let’s read real names of Aisa Des Hai Mera cast with each character images.

Aisa Des Hai Mera Cast Real Names with Photographs

Rusty Deol aka Saumya TandonRusty Deol real name is Saumya Tandon

Randheer Singh Deol aka Kanwaljit SinghRandheer Singh Deol real name is Kanwaljit Singh

Biji aka Beena BanerjeeBiji real name is Beena Banerjee

Mathura Deol aka Dolly MinhasMathura Deol real name is Dolly Minhas

Iqbal Deol real name is Naresh SuriIqbal Deol real name is Naresh Suri

Iqbal’s wife aka Mahru ShaikhIqbal’s Wife real name is Mahru Shaikh

Linda aka Soni RazdanLinda real name is Soni Razdan

Ranbir Singh Deol aka Ranjit ChowdhryRanbir Singh Deol real name is Ranjit Chowdhry

Baldev Singh aka Bharat Kapoor Baldev Singh real name is Bharat Kapoor

Andy Singh aka Manoj Bidwai Andy Singh real name is Manoj Bidwai

Ajit Singh Gill real name is Pawan Shankar
Kandy Deol real name is Gunjan Walia
Samay real name is Gaurav Chopra
Madan Khurana real name is Benjamin Gilani
Mohini Khurana real name is Krutika Desai
Samay’s Sister real name is Ravee Gupta
Divya Malwa real name is Kiron Kher
Simi real name is Simple Kaul
Yusuf Hussain
Vinita Malik
Vij Manav

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