Aircall: The latest business phone system to drive your sales!

Are you of the opinion that the telephone is dead? Think again. It is staying back and with the presence of business phone systems, it is also cementing its position. According to data by Future Market Insights, 2021 – the subscribers of the corporate VoIP connection skyrocketed to a massive 204.8 billion in 2020. Topping that, it is predicted that the industry will grow at a rate of 15% till 2027. Clearly, it does seem that the alternative modes of communication could not drive down the popularity of the traditional format. 

As you scroll down this article, you will get a brief idea as to why most companies look for business systems and how Aircall has harnessed the best technologies to create just what SMBs are looking for. Let’s give you the details – 

Why do companies want business phone systems? 

As you are already aware – a business phone system assists in dealing with huge volumes of phone calls that are an integral part of the business ecology. Hence, with this cloud phone format, you can transfer calls, meter the calls, and set up conference calls. But is that all? So, why do companies want more of it? Here are a couple of reasons for the same – 

1.It streamlines professional communication and the workflow 

The first benefit that it entails and the companies desperately look for is – how it streamlines the calls, addresses the relevant staff with the correct calls (courtesy of the call forwarding feature), and helps to maintain the workflow in a strategic manner. A company looks forward to organizing its work process and keeping everything in tandem to entice its target audience with a professional look. Hence, to have a phone system that does this job is what a company looks out for. 

2.It helps to enhance the interaction levels

Amplifying the interaction levels (both the B2B format and B2C format)  is another goal that the companies are looking at. So, when they find a phone call system that addresses this issue and assists in the process, they are bound to take it. Aircall categorically targets this domain.  

3.It is extremely budget-friendly 

It is no news that cost-cutting is on every company’s agenda. The business phone system, with its capacity to streamline and ease the working process, fulfills the same and meets this demand of the companies. 

4.It improves the range of your sales 

It’s a rule of thumb – customers who get satisfactory customer service from you will buy more from you. The company phone system categorically assists in replying to client demand efficiently and thereby enhances the income levels of the company – another feature that the agencies are looking for. 

5.It helps to keep track of the calls 

With its call metering and call forwarding feature, this business phone system analyzes the calls, understands the target market, and retraces its steps towards that. Clearly, this is precisely what the companies are looking for. 

Thus, on the whole, this system helps to maintain a professional image of the company before one and all and hence propels the authoritative position of the company amongst its competitors. Given that this is the agenda that most companies function with, it is no wonder that they are looking for a VoIP system that would immediately boost their sales and make them numero uno in their specific domain (albeit in terms of customer outreach). 

Taking this into consideration, Aircall has brought forth its business phone system service that ticks every box the business operators are looking for. 

What Aircall has brought for its consumers? 

In the face of these demands from the companies, without a doubt, Aircall has stood up to provide premium service to its clients. For starters – 

  • It offers a chance to customize the business system as per your requirements. With a reach of over 100 companies, Aircall has the capacity to enhance your reach to a great extent. Whether it’s the mobile apps or the web ones, with this phone system you can adjust the setting according to your business demands and harness its potential. 
  • When you are using this system, apart from connecting with the correct ones, it is crucial to understand the reasons why you are ‘missing out’ on certain clients. Aircall offers just that opportunity! With its call metrics format, you can track the trends of the phone calls and analyze the reports to improve the connections. 
  • The biggest strength that Aircall brings to the fore is – its capacity to integrate with the Helpdesk and CRM, thereby categorically reducing the time and energy leakage while switching systems. 

Apart from these primary features that Aircall brings to its consumers, there are a plethora of advantages that include – shared contacts, ring-on-speakers, interactive voice response, exposure to international numbers, and setting up customized schedules to expand the reach. 

Clearly, with multiple choices in town, Aircall has managed to carve out a strong place for itself as an alternative to the other business phone systems available in the market. 

Parting words

With the precedence of business phone systems in the current organizational ecosystem, it is no secret the potential that they have to up the client reach. 

With a bevy of benefits that they are offering, more and more industries are lapping up this opportunity to harness new business prospects via this format. 

Having said that, Aircall, in comparison to all its competitors, won its way out and assured nothing less than exceptional service to its clients. 

However, as an aware customer, it is imperative that you check the specifics before you opt for this service. 


1.What is the business phone system? 

Just to make things clear once again, this is a cloud-based phone system used in business operations to handle the high volume of calls that such a set-up demands. 

2.How has it enhanced the business prospects? 

The reason why this has garnered such immense popularity is the way in which it enhances businesses, by reducing manual labor leakages in the agency’s work process, and on the whole, impacting the business by not amplifying the budget of the company. 

3.What are the costs associated with it? 

Supposedly the general costs associated with this system meander around – $4,450 (installation and other formalities) and $20-80 (monthly basis). As far as Aircall’s business phone system is concerned, the supposed pricing is kept at – $90 (with an additional $30 for a license) annually for an Essential Plan and $150 (with an additional $50 for a license) annually for a Professional Plan. 

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